Psychic Tillie x4807
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Psychic Tillie x4807

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KatianaGrey 5/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

Started off with tarot and when I asked her to read without cards she just picked up and immediately began to read energy. She read my POI very quickly and accurately. I like her and I recommend her.

Krystale77 5/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very nice I really liked her request to tell me what she picked up on by heself

Tillie replied...

Just sitting here listening to the birds singing and I saw this message and can't help but be reminded of what a blessing it is to be here in this space and to be able to chat to people such as yourself. Thank you so much for your feedback - sending love on the wind! -Tillie

reynolds1234 4/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

First time reading with her and she was so detailed and helpful. Also, very honest about what she saw. I will definitely call again.

Tillie replied...

Thank you for the feedback - I am blessed to have connected with you. Sending all the best energy your way - Tillie

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Butterfly369 4/14/2022 stars Phone Reading

2nd time reading with Tillie. The reason why I called her a 2nd time is because what she read and predicted in her first reading came into fruition and was validated by the POI. She was so accurate!! Everything she said came true and was validated. My 1st call with her she said my Ex loved and missed me but was unsure if we could work things out. And that he had another woman, an ex, currently back in his life. She said the ex was more into him than he is in her and he doesn’t want to come back to me while he was dealing with this woman but he will come back to me wanting to rebuild our relationship. My ex and I have been broken up for 4 months with no contact. He contacted me a couple days ago out of the blue, apologizing and begging me to take him back. He told me he still loves me and missed me so much. He told me that his ex came back into his life and was stalking him but he finally got rid of her for good and that he wants to start fresh with me. Tillie was 10000% right. Everything she said was spot on.

Tillie replied...

Sending all the best vibes on the wind to you! Love, light, and peace to you and yours! Kindest regards, T

Britt90 4/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Tillie! You made me feel so comfortable.

Tillie replied...

You're most welcome. <3 Tillie

Cmcg24 4/8/2022 stars Chat Reading

Tillie is the sweetest and most accurate advisor I have used. She is a must call!!

Tillie replied...

I really appreciate the feedback and the kind words, thank you so much! It was a pleasure talking with you. :) Tillie

GreatDane2 4/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

Warm, empathic, brought me much comfort. Thank you, Tillie!!

Tillie replied...

You're so very welcome, wishing you all the best. <3 -Tillie

Jeezbullshit08 4/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

I found Tillie to be very accurate, detailed and clear. She’s lovely and down to earth. Compassionate, regardless of message.

Tillie replied...

Sending peace and love on the wind to you - take care and thank you for the kind words - T

Kathykat1004 3/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

She's great. Picked up on his personality immediately. We call her again in a second. Thanks Tilly

Tillie replied...

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate the feedback. <3 Tillie

madonnafan 3/15/2022 stars Chat Reading

Tillie is kind and helpful. She was able to sense my situation right away and provide insight. I found her to have a calming presence, which I very much appreciated.

Tillie replied...

Wishing you all the best and keeping you in my meditations! Thank you so much - Tillie