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Featured Review SarahS & TravisP 8/13/2020 stars Chat Reading

Once again, not disappointed. I love Sterling, he's awesome! I've had a reading with him before and was impressed....still am! He was able to connect with a loved one and also give me some other useful information and help me out. Thanks again, so much, Sterling! Love and light.

Trisha 10/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

Fabulous reading. Sterling is clear and concise and definitely gifted. He's like an old friend immediately. You can tell there is no fluff with him, just straightforward communication. He doesn't sugarcoat but why waste your money on someone who tells you only what you want to hear. I've used psychic source psychics just about from the time they started so I have had lots of experience with different psychics, some who are still here! That said, I find my very best fit has come with Sterling. It's nice to find a home!! :)

Karen5 10/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

My reading was short because I got interrupted. Sterling was kind enough to realize I wasn't going to get a reading and ended the session.

Karen5 10/9/2020 stars Chat Reading

Sterling is a great psychic. He understands you and your concerns and is very empathetic to your situations. He is always ready to help you and provide straightforward answers. He is marvelous and someone I highly recommend. Thank you Sterling!

CC_orange 9/27/2020 stars Chat Reading

Sterling is fabulous!!! He gave very detailed and informative readings. I will contact him again for sure! Many blessings my friend! :)

Reign2210 9/27/2020 stars Chat Reading

Gets straight to the point! Very detailed!

Oconner58 9/9/2020 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much!! You put my heart at ease. You have the gift. Bless you.

CC_orange 8/25/2020 stars Chat Reading

Sterling is very fast and get to the point directly! He’s also very honest without sugarcoating. Thank u for ur time and I definitely recommend him to you!

anonymous12345 8/23/2020 stars Chat Reading

No connection , info incorrect .

Carmenc 8/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

AWESOME! Tuned in really quickly, understood my situation really well without me providing much information, and made a couple of predictions. Sorry I did not have enough credits, but will definitely talk to you again! :)