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Psychic Shannon x9081

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Featured Review Cee2014 5/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

Shannon is awesome. She is a real psychic connection to universal knowledge. I am grateful for her patience.

onyianne 11/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

Shannon is so kind and spot on and accurate ! She connected With my situation most accurately ! Non judgemental very kind and wise! Thank you so much Shannon !!!

Cee2014 11/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

Shannon is amazing and genuine. She is a true psychic. So gifted and compassionate. BTW she is accurate and so worth the money you will spend for a reading. I highly recommend her.

Cee2014 11/13/2022 stars Phone Reading

Always a blessing. She is accurate, patient, and thorough. Thank you Shannon for your guidance.

Cee2014 11/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

A true psychic. Comforting and accurate. Top-notch.

DieLiebeIstSeltsam 10/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

I adore Shannon. She is my go to Psychic to answer any question that I have. She comforts me in so many ways, and usually gives me hope that things can only get better than what and how they are. She does not instill any false hope in me. She is almost always accurate. I trust her the most on this site, and I am ever so grateful for her presence here.

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Erica.elizabethx 10/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

Literally so sweet! Shannon always calms me down and gives me reassurance when I need it. Praying her reading comes through.

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Honeybee23 9/13/2022 stars Phone Reading

Shannnon is Amazing! First time reading with her, and she was spot on with all the information she gave me about my POI and I didn’t tell her anything about him at all going into the reading!! She says there will be significant changes happening in our connection early October, which is in line with what a couple other of my fav advisors have said! Looking forward to this prediction passing! Thanks Shannon!

DK2020 9/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

Shannon is amazing ,, direct and accurate no BS ,, she will tell you how she sees it ,, AND SHE SEES IT . love her .....

Luckyboy 9/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

I am shocked with the details Brandon gave. He knew some of the very specific details and I am shocked because this details only me and my POI knows. I am stunned. Just a little upset as the time frame has increased.