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Featured Review Steph4893 6/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

I’m speechless! I literally did not give no information and she just picked up what was bothering me. Amazing and accurate thank you

moremerrier 7/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Spot on

moremerrier 7/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Great, would go back to her!

moremerrier 7/10/2020 stars Phone Reading


moremerrier 7/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Serenity is spot on, and was so very insightful. Would always go back to her

RBJ123 7/6/2020 stars Phone Reading

Serenity is the ONLY advisor I will call on this site. She knows why people and situations are the way that they are and explains it well. Give her a chance and she will explain it and help you. She has clarified people in my life and why they do what they do. She has always proven to be right in her predictions and explanations. Thank you for being my lifeline Serenity! I will always seek your advice. She is a Godsend! I am so grateful for you and your guidance. Thank you for helping me thru my tears today.

GIGI9098 6/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

I felt rushed with Serenity. I do not know if it was me or the way I was asking my questions. But as we were discussing one thing, and I was forming my next question, I felt she wanted to get off the phone. I see her good ratings, and I think she is a good psychic, but I just did not feel the connection. I wish there was 3.5 stars. Not a 3 not a full 4. Sorry - but thank you.

kemariaaa101 6/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

She was so helpful , I wish I could’ve gotten more time with Serenity! You help me so much and understand so much. Thank you!

mustang265 6/12/2020 stars Phone Reading


Ojibwagal 6/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Serenity, and i will def favorite her. Thank you Serenity!