Psychic Scarlet x4851

Psychic Scarlet x4851

Spiritually connected

4½ stars

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Melisavasquez 5/10/2022 stars Phone Reading

I thought she did good.answers to some of my questions.felt comfortable talking to her.waiting to see if results will show.

mpalacio1316 4/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

She was very friendly and I can't wait to see how her prediction comes about with my career change.

ikayla7328 4/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

Scarlet, you are awesome! Thank you for giving me a peace of mind!

Jnz1417 4/10/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank You, Very Kind, does not waste time. Very sweet, like talking to a good friend.

Carlo1984 3/24/2022 stars Phone Reading

Extremely empowering, intuitive, accurate and patient. I highly recommended!!!

lmooret 3/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

I was pleasantly surprised. She was great during our call and left my heart a little lighter after. Thank you!

crystal4496 3/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

She is the best she gets straight to the point she dont tell you what you want to hear like some advisors.. She puts your mind at ease.. And she gives it to you straight up try her today she is the best.. Thanks Scarlet.. She is the real deal...

H1Honey 2/25/2022 stars Phone Reading

She's awesome. She got to the point and she didn't waste any time.

Nicoletta 2/24/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you. Thank you so much. I spun out. She grounded me. I had trauma to heal and she pin pointed it so I can address it. I doubted myself and she gave me the encouragement I needed to trust myself. I am very powerful myself and I came in hot with overwhelming chaos and fear and she drown that out with her beautiful love and light and reassurance. I was weak and she gave me the love I needed to find my strength. The shift she provided was massive and exceptional. It takes a powerful source of light to do what she did. I am eternally greatful. I've never met someone who can override my energy, especially if it's dark. I am first and foremost greatful but also extremely impressed.

Jnz1417 2/17/2022 stars Phone Reading

Very knd and compassionate. Immediately wanted to try and help with my current situation which I am very grateful for. Thank You.