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Repondezmoi 11/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Dear Sarma, thank you as always for your detailed reading tonight. You were about to answer my final question about my POIs' friend/ roommate. If you can possibly a trite follow up.answer on that, would be appreciated. Check in with you soon for a longer reading as soon. It was helpful having your input about the educational situation to help put my mind to some peace on that for now as complex as that situation has been. I will update you as to what happens and check in with you again for updates asap. Thanks for sharing your gifts as always as my trusted go to reader!

Redalex 11/28/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sarma is very special. You’ll need to call and find out why!

Shannnnn 11/26/2021 stars Phone Reading

This was such a great reading! I’m so glad I chose her profile! I will be giving you a call again soon! You’re amazing! Thank you thank you!!

travel123 11/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal. I will call again.

Sarma replied...

Thank you so much and I am glad that we were able to channel source energy into the reading to give you the advice that is needed on your journey! Sending you Love and Light in abundance! xoxox

Witty93 11/19/2021 stars Phone Reading

Wow!!! She is so good. As soon as I connected I felt like I was talking to a longtime friend. Called her back to back three times!!! She knew things I didn’t even mention. This woman is amazing. I will update you girl on when Mr don’t disappear shows up during my happy travels.

Sarma replied...

Blessings My Soul Sister! We are part of the same Soul Tribe! Thank you so much for your love and light and I send you back the same 100 fold! Yes, Please keep me posted and Blessings and Miracles over your travels! May Miracles hunt you down! xoxxo

Misstoy007007 11/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

I have receive summer readings from Sarma she was so on point that I’ve made her my favorite reader on this site so far I will be getting many more readings from her moving forward thanks again for everything

Sarma replied...

Thank you indeed and I bless you 100 fold! You are spectacular and I am so happy as you start your path forward! Thank you for our time together and May the Love of God shine brightly upon you from now till ever more! xoxox Until Next time!!

bettea 11/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

I knew from the picture, for some reason, Sarma would help me. Things like that are really important. The moment we were connected she knew what I was going through. She felt like... when I was a little girl talking to the cooler, smarter, teenager I looked up to. If that makes sense. I hope she felt her connection helped me. 100% recommend.

Sarma replied...

I bless you indeed my love for your kindness and blessing me with your feedback! I love and appreciate you and know that things are about to be so wonderful for you and you progress forward! You are so powerful and protected! Keep going my sweet! xoxoxo I am always here for you!

Dxstinay 11/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

Reader was very sweet and advice was clear!

Sarma replied...

Blessings from Source! Thank you for your time and May you be blessed 100 fold! Keep going!

Juju1987 11/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

Really good reading

Sarma replied...

Thank you my love and Source is very proud of you! Sending you an abundance of love and blessings! Until next time??

Repondezmoi 11/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

awesome as always with insight into work/ grad school matter.. keep you posted what transpires Tuesday... be back soon to talk more about my POI

Sarma replied...

Please keep me posted my sweet! Check your email for encouragement from Source! Thank you as always for our time together! Be Blessed in an abundance!