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Psychic Sabrina x3429

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Featured Review Alane22 10/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

Sabrina did a wonderful job reading me and connecting me with my deceased loved ones. I would 100% recommend a reading with her.

Evian60 11/24/2020 stars Chat Reading

As always an absolute 10 STAR reading. She is the best on this site. Thank you Sabrina!! Until the next time! xoxo

CharlotteKey 11/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

Sabrina was in contact with my poi. She confirmed things I knew happened and she would not have known, which is proof of ability. She gave reasons that resonated with me and made sense. One thing in particular that she said happened, was absolutely stunning since it had happened one day before I called her (for the first time) and I had forgotten about. She mentioned it, and it was so significant. Wonderful session.

Krimsonkali007 11/22/2020 stars Chat Reading

Our chat was short but I was so grateful for the illumination and warmth. She said something I keep hearing and really drove that message from spirit home. Thank you Sabrina. Many blessings, looking forward to our next reading.

MarMmw 11/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Needed some serious clarification on a developing situation and Sabrina definitely was there to guide me thru it all. :)

alyss0507 11/20/2020 stars Chat Reading

I enjoyed the short amount of time we spoke.I ran out of time. I’ll have to reach out again so we can further our conversation. She really goes right into without you even saying anything. I Appreciate the insight she has and look forward to speaking with her again.

Gracie Salazar 11/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

Its the 1st time I have talked to someone that was able to tell me something way deeper than just the simple stuff. She left me at peace and gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and see beyond what is right in front of me. I know I was made for greatness and eventhough the situation seems to keep me stuck. It is not where my story ends. Thank you Sabrina it was a blessing to talk to you

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Divine 11/6/2020 stars Phone Reading

Amazing woman! Very clear, straight forward, empathetic and all the good things. I really felt nurtured and well guided. Thank you

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Lexlopez 11/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Shared a lot of information and helped me remember things I should have already known. Helped me gain a sense of clarity, which could potentially make it easier for a path forward. I will call again very soon... I still need to ask about my Grandma! Thank you so much!

sillyj 10/31/2020 stars Phone Reading

Such a Sweet Spirit who guides with style and caring transitions.... bless her......