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Psychic Rhys x4792

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Santito 10/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for sharing and clarification of information. Your totally gifted and genuine

Rhys replied...

Thanks, It was wonderful to connect in and appreciate your generous feedback. Looking forward to connecting in again soon. Best, Rhys

Blue Butterfly 9/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

Rhys was quite accurate. I appreciate his assistance with my spiritual growth. I felt a shift after I did the meditation he suggested. I plan on contacting him again.

Rhys replied...

Hi Blue Butterfly, It was lovely to connect and huge respect for anyone doing the work on themselves. Looking forward to tuning in again, Best, Rhys X

Sanson 9/14/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thankyou for an amazing reading Rhys. I felt that you connected very well and answered most of my questions and worries. I will definitely want to connect on a regular basis.

Rhys replied...

Lovely to connect! Looking forward to tuning in for you again. All the best Rhys

nigel333 9/13/2022 stars Phone Reading

Excellent advisor! We connected well and will contact him again, now waiting on predictions. Thanks Rhys.

Rhys replied...

Hi 'N' it was lovely to connect in and looking forward to how what we tuned into progresses. All the best, Rhys X

Santito 9/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

First time caller and I was impressed with the information shared. Plan to return soon.

Rhys replied...

Thank You, It was wonderful to connect and looking forward to tuning in again soon, Best, Rhys

lmooret 9/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Rhys was excellent. He immediately connected to my situation. He is gentle and thoughtful. I would love to reconnect with him again.

Rhys replied...

Thank You 'L' it was wonderful to connect in with you and looking forward to things moving forward for you and us tuning in again. Best, Rhys X

LKelly2019 8/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

I thought he was great.

Rhys replied...

It was great to to connect in for you 'L' - looking forward to how it all plays out for you, best, Rhys

Greeneyz68 8/10/2022 stars Chat Reading

Rhys' style was refreshing. He connects quickly and delivers the messages he receives thoughtfully. He helps you understand with a coaching style. I look forward to his predictions and will contact him again. Thank you.

Rhys replied...

Thank you Greeneyes for the lovely feedback and discernment of picking up how I tune in. Really enjoyed connecting and looking forward to how things unfold for you, best, Rhys

Sunnier 8/3/2022 stars Phone Reading

Excellent. Very gentle and very gifted. Felt like Rhys is very tuned in, and from a positive 'higher good' plane, which really helped me. Added now as a fav go to. Appreciate your prices Rhys. Thank you so much for the meditation. Sunnier.

Rhys replied...

Thanks so much, you made my job easy being a clear channel and an intuitive yourself ;-) was a pleasure to tune in and connect. Looking forward to seeing the next part of your journey unfold. Best, Rhys

Dinkydo94 8/2/2022 stars Phone Reading

A great reading! Thank you!

Rhys replied...

Such a pleasure to tune in and read for you... Certainly an exciting new chapter ahead ;-) Best, Rhys