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Psychic Rheda x8860

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Featured Review reenactor 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Rheda made me feel like we were friends from the beginning. She knew names and things without me telling her a thing. She helped me connect with lost loved ones. She put my mind at ease on the main things I was worrying so much about. Thank you Rheda and I will be calling you again. You have a wonderful gift. The best reading I ever had.

arlettaist23 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Rheda .you are so gifted,Your reading were so amazing,I was blown away by that.In the future i will only turn to you.Many blessing to you.I will keep you posted.

Sherry777 1/14/2020 stars Chat Reading

I had a great reading and connection with Rheda. Her insight and advice was accurate and helpful. She even connected me to my mother who had passed. Great reading. Great psychic. I highly recommend.

Anamika 1/8/2020 stars Chat Reading

I love her so much. It was my first reading with her. She was quick and answered my questions without wasting time. She was very direct and calm. I felt positive after talking to her. I hope her predictions come true.

Jm2396 1/7/2020 stars Chat Reading

Rheda it was a pleasure talking to you! Just wanted to thank you and for being honest. First time chatting with you and it was worth it! Will definitely be back thank you!!

aaronperk555 1/7/2020 stars Chat Reading

You nailed a validation which was impressive but rheda saw my talk with the ex going well and leading to reconciliation which could not have been more opposite of how it went.

FAITH2020 1/5/2020 stars Chat Reading

I don't know how she did it or what she did, but after our chat, i feel very calm and my faith kicked all the way back into gear. So weird, but it feels AMAZING.. She basically echoed what my Dream Team of Advisors have said to me, but in her own accurate and special way. I feel so at ease, peaceful and happy right now ..I just can't explain it. She was short AND TO THE POINT. Most importantly, she was NON JUGDEMENTAL, humble, very sweet, and very respectful. She was not interested in having a 2 hour fairytale chat. She was more interested in helping me understand what is going on. . Again, I don't know how she did it, but my anxiety went from horrible 10 to ZERO. Now THIS time, my impatient butt needs to just sit still and let God do the rest (just like my Guardian Angels/Advisors have asked me to SEVERAL times. I have no regrets in talking to each one of them. Even though they all said the same thing to me, they have ALL helped me understand my situation in their own special way. With that being said, I am not where I was at mentally or emotionally before them..I am several steps closer to where I need to be. So when the time comes and my prediction does happen, I am ready and not a complete mess. .just like before I spoke to them. THANK YOU Ms. Rheda... THANK YOU for using your gift to help others in need. God bless you and I will talk to you soon. Maybe around February ;)

BrGi03 1/4/2020 stars Chat Reading

I don’t write many reviews, but I felt compelled to do so with Rheda. I gave her very limited information to which she responded by asking me if we had been dating for 2 months or 2 yrs. The answer is actually 2 months and that was a bit shocking to me because #1 she was spot on and #2 I didn’t feel I phrased my initial question that would give the assumption that he was a boyfriend. Thank you Rheda for the peace of mind. Hopefully everything will have the predicted outcome.

aaronperk555 1/4/2020 stars Chat Reading

There is nothing more powerful than receiving a validation so specific from your reader that it proves beyond a doubt they have a divine connection. Rheda gave me that validation today. I am honored to have had the chance to read with her. Thank you!

Honeyandsweet 1/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

Redha mention the name of a woman that was gonna help me in my business. I didn’t pay much attention since I didn’t know who that woman was until this woman’s name appeared on my email. She also saw my flyers being color pink ! Without me mention it