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Featured Review Joyous 1/12/2020 stars Chat Reading

Life is tough and unpredictable. Thats why everyone comes to PS to know the unknown to ease their pain . Rheda is AMAZING psychic and she is really blessed with some fabulous and empathetic energies or senses that normal people can't understand. She predicted about February 2020 in last year November 2019 about my rekindle with my POI. things are not very positive but yes he approached me, plead me and we are meeting. Thanku so much Rheda. I hope one day I will write a review about the biggest prediction yet to come.

ohiogal44 2/16/2020 stars Chat Reading

Rheda is amazing. Every time I have read for her, she is really phenomenal...and she even picks up names, etc. that she would have no way of knowing. This time, I realized when I got off the chat, that the last couple of insights she wrote, were dead ON , including very specific, detailed descriptions and NAMES out of the blue...and unfortunately I got cut off before I could tell her.

Daisies 2/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

I have a soulmate/twinflame. He didn't pick me he picked someone else & married her. He married his karmic & that relationship takes 7 yrs. Its been 5. I am not a person to wait around. He's out of my energy.

Redwine 2/6/2020 stars Chat Reading

She is such a sweet sole. Not sure if what she sees in the future will come true but her words alone were truly calming. I have hope that her prediction come true

lauv389 1/19/2020 stars Chat Reading

Rheda did a wonderful job picking up on my POI and gave me great advice

Jm2396 1/19/2020 stars Chat Reading

Rheda, it’s been a while but I wanted to thank you and let you know you were right! Xoxo

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coconut10 1/19/2020 stars Chat Reading

I don't think I had the chance to review Rheda for the reading she gave me last year. My boyfriend and I went through a really bad break up back in feb 2018. I was really sad and had reached out to Rheda. She constantly told me she saw him coming back. She even told me she was 99% sure he was going to come back to me. And she was a million percent RIGHT. We got back together in August officially in a relationship. Timeframes are really hard to pinpoint but the outcome Rheda sees for me has always been right. Thank you a million times, Rheda!!!

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reenactor 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Rheda made me feel like we were friends from the beginning. She knew names and things without me telling her a thing. She helped me connect with lost loved ones. She put my mind at ease on the main things I was worrying so much about. Thank you Rheda and I will be calling you again. You have a wonderful gift. The best reading I ever had.

arlettaist23 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Rheda .you are so gifted,Your reading were so amazing,I was blown away by that.In the future i will only turn to you.Many blessing to you.I will keep you posted.

Ib9635 1/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

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