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Featured Review vlheitz 1/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

I have been reading with Renee for many years and she's incredibly accurate. I go back and review the chats and not only is she accurate but predictions unfold as she mentions. Get a reading with her, you will not be disappointed.

sunshine7312 9/12/2020 stars Chat Reading

I have been reading with Renee for a few years now. Her readings have been accurate and she won't sugarcoat anything whether you would like to hear or not. I feel like I can go to her with any problems that I might have. Highly recommend.

Shidola 6/20/2020 stars Chat Reading

Very negative reading, her last prediction did not come true either, so i dont believe this one.

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Kj2012 6/5/2020 stars Chat Reading

Worth every penny - period. I've spoken to countless psychics here (all of the $8.75 ones and all of the $11.99 ones) and none of them match Renee's accuracy on timing and actual outcomes. I won't read with anyone else here from now on.

Kr5678 5/30/2020 stars Chat Reading

I asked her health related question but her assessment was incorrect ... but she was very nice... actually glad she was wrong.

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VirgoBliss 5/26/2020 stars Chat Reading

I first read with Renee about 2-3 years ago where I left the reading upset because it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Well, turns out she was right on the money. She's direct and won't sugar coat anything to make you feel better. This is how all advisers should be instead of giving false hope (which is worse imo). Another cool thing about her is that her guides can see about 2-3 years out in terms of predictiond. I know it's true because that reading I had with her was about 2-3 years ago and I came back to her recently because of it.

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Kj2012 5/16/2020 stars Chat Reading

Where should I start? She's direct, won't BS you and is usually right even if you don't want her to be. I read with her in October of last year asking if she saw me relocating for work. Several other psychics had predicted it, but Renee said no, I don't see you relocating, you will get something where you are currently. I was a bit hurt and taken aback since everything with work was lining up for me to move. Fast forward to February, I got a job where I am and then the pandemic hit and the company I was going to relocate for put the job on hold. I am working right now and although it's not in a field I am over the moon about, she was correct with what she predicted.

lauv389 1/25/2020 stars Chat Reading

Connected well

mintchocolatechip 1/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

She’s only been wrong twice for me. But that’s twice out of about 20 big questions. Most of the time she’s dead on.

Kitan3826 1/11/2020 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much for yesterday, Renee Marie! You always can feel into me and situation so well and accurately. I did a bunch of You Tube videos last night, focusing on each person and situation 3 times. Hope that at least got me started in the right direction. Again much gratitude.