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Psychic Remi x3213

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Featured Review 753201 2/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

Remi! OMG! She did it again! She told me I would see my poi with 5-7 days and BAM! He called same day to make plans to see me in 3 days before his surgery. I sure hope she’s correct about the outcome. I absolutely love talking with her she is so on point and in tune. Oh and she doesn’t BS you. If you don’t like what she says or what she sees don’t be mad she’s just the messenger. Thanks Remi! I’ll call for an update

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Dang68 2/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

Love her she's super nice and I hope her predictions will come through

753201 2/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

Another insightful reading wish I could call her every day. She’s good at what she does I do believe she tells the truth despite what one what’s to hear

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marie georges 2/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

immense insight providing clarity and inner strength to go forward and work through the issue at hand ~ highly suggest Remi for your Peace of mind ~

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753201 2/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

Remi is the BOMB! OMG! She touched on my poi current situation. I tested her and she passed with flying colors. She knew exactly what was going on. She also predicted I would see him on another call previously and she said was correct. She is a no bs reader you either like what she says or you don’t. ...Thanks Remi I will definitely be back!

753201 2/10/2021 stars Phone Reading


Bawesome 2/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

More than one Prediction she made has came true. One of the best.

Srobwr 1/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Great advice

Bawesome 1/27/2021 stars Phone Reading

Accurate predictions

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ValleyGirl 1/27/2021 stars Phone Reading

I’ve been talking to Remi for over two years. Her predictions have constantly been spot on. The one Long term prediction I continuously ask about has not changed. She is direct and straightforward. She tells you what she sees not what you want hear. If you want the truth give her a call. Believe me you will not be disappointed.