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Featured Review Quietstorm 6/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Remi is fantastic I received contact like she stated. Remi has been so accurate with timing she sees things happening in July on my poi making some changes. I sure hope this comes to fruition I need to stick with her other advisors have gotten me all frustrated in my current situation.

Dan2019 9/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

The best ! Remi was the 1st that told me back last Dec. a POI would be coming back around. I never asked, she told me. She was right ! The POI lives about 400 miles from me. Things didn't work out like I hoped, and the POI and me talked very little. 20 different readers told me move on, POI wants to be friends but watch out, best to stay away, she only calls to use me because she gets lonely. All along during this time Remi kept telling me the POI would be moving in with me, she does have a lot of feelings for me but is scared. Timing is hard to tell. I thought for sure, no way, POI has no interest, we are only maybe still friends. Sure enough, POI came back last week, we talked and she wants to move in with me in a few weeks and see if things can work out ! All the readers, and Remi was the only one that was exactly right !

Inquisiti 9/23/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Remi! Remi has been very accurate with predicting what has been unfolding in my situation. She hits my contact on the nose with my POI. I know when she sees it, it happens. Pay attention to things Remi says as they always mean something.

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Realdeal81 9/15/2022 stars Phone Reading

Not all of her predictions have come true. I have said that they did in past reviews but in this one there have been a couple major predictions that didn't come true. That said almost all of her predictions have, and she can find hidden things other advisors can't. She's been one of my very tops for years now. I don't have many I trust. I appreciate her.

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Gifth1 9/13/2022 stars Phone Reading

She's very accurate and if she gets detailed with her specific, pay attention because I got some confirmation of a very specific detail she gave me. She was correct as always but it was so specific! And of course she was right about a past person returning even though it was one year later!!!

Dan2019 9/2/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Remi. Always right as usual. Will talk to you soon.

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Angel7 8/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Remi is my go to psychic for honest and direct answers, she has always been accurate with her information and doesn’t sugarcoat! All of her predictions have come to fruition.

Santito 8/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the information shared. Plan to keep you posted. Your totally awesome and genuine.

neekoll2 8/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

If I could give Remi 10 stars I would because she deserves it. I love an advisor that will take the time to search deep to answer your questions. She's the real deal and if she doesn't connect she'll let you know. Thank you Remi for sharing your gift with the world! I'll keep you posted.

Dan2019 8/17/2022 stars Phone Reading

Alway's spot on. The most accurate reader on the line for me the last few years.