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Psychic Phoebe  x4727

Psychic Phoebe x4727

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Featured Review katariachisdter 7/17/2022 stars Chat Reading

Phoebe got straight to the point, she didn’t waste time, and she felt very friendly, and welcoming. I’d recommend phoebe anyday!

Phoebe replied...

Thank you so much for your feedback!! I look forward to connecting again! :D --Phoebe <3

sculler 9/20/2023 stars Chat Reading

My second reading and I still can’t say enough great things about how wonderful the experience is. She really does find a way to explain a situation in a straightforward but very kind way. My nerves over an upcoming event have been helped a lot with her guidance and sight.

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for reconnecting with me! I am glad I was able to help shed some light and bring you peace. There will be some chaos but that often happens with your particular situation. Just try to hang on and it'll pass. Until next time! <3 Phoebe

Rina_Cristy 9/9/2023 stars Chat Reading

Always eases my heart and mind

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for much for your feedback and for connecting with me again! I look forward to hearing from you again and about the outcome to your situation. <3 Phoebe

sculler 9/4/2023 stars Chat Reading

Very very personable and really made me feel like a connection was made. Also, quick to give thorough responses that were helpful to deal with what I’m going through. I appreciate the honesty as well, that we might not want to hear/read what is coming through, but it is what it is. By far my best experience on this service. Thank you so much.

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for sharing your feedback! You're absolutely right! Sometimes it is what it is! I am happy I was able to give you a little clarity of what's on the way for you. Please know I am thinking of you and sending you calming energies to help you through this difficult time. It will get better. I promise! <3 Phoebe

King1995 9/4/2023 stars Chat Reading

I felt like your reading was accurate I enjoy it hopefully I can talk to you again

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for your feedback! I really enjoyed our conversation as well and I look forward to our next connection! <3 Phoebe

Dezhotel92 8/14/2023 stars Chat Reading

Phoebe was great! And very accurate! Can’t wait to see all of this come fruition!

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for your feedback! I am also excited to see what unfolds for you. You got this! <3 Phoebe

Laeve181 8/7/2023 stars Chat Reading

great as always!

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for reconnecting with me! I am keeping you in my thoughts about what we discussed. I also lit a candle for you. Until next time! Phoebe <3

Aisha222 8/5/2023 stars Chat Reading

Yea i didn’t get any clear answers so I won’t be getting anymore readings thanks anyway .. also please stick to being a reader and not a life coach bc i was just looking for answers not your personal opinion or advice anyway Thanks!

Phoebe replied...

I'm sorry that you were not happy with the messages that you received. Being a psychic comes with the obligation of telling the truth and, sometimes, the Truth is often not what we WANT to hear, but what we NEED to hear. You are responsible for whatever you decide to do with the messages you are given. Good luck and try to make healthy choices. Light and Love, Phoebe <3

Aisha222 7/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

she was right about what she said I didn't see him yesterday .. thank you

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for keeping me updated about your situation. I am always happy to hear back from my guests. I look forward to our next chat. --Phoebe

yomurphy 7/20/2023 stars Chat Reading

Very nice and thoughtful as well thorough. I really appreciate the advice and direction given.

Phoebe replied...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about your experience with me! I really appreciate it! Just know I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! Remember to be open to all the possibilities! New beginnings are on the way! --Phoebe <3