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Psychic Mylie x8974

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Featured Review Inquisiti 11/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

A reading with Mylie is so informative and fun. I have been reading with her for over a year now and she has been consistent and very detailed at what she sees. No matter how many times I read with Mylie I find out something new not only about the person I am reading about but me as well. I always leave her readings feeling so much better and stronger. The things she knows and has said about my POI has made me a true believer. Her advice has really helped me in feeling better about myself and this situation. She has helped me realize things aren't always what you assume them to be and how to take a step back and not let my anxieties cloud my judgment. Thank you Mylie! I truly appreciate you.

dreams6 11/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

Has not been wrong yet! detailed reading came to fruition less than a week after first reading. waiting for the final outcome to play out

dreams6 11/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

5 stars

Inquisiti 10/27/2019 stars Chat Reading

Mylie, you my friend are so dear to me. I love our chats and the things I have learned about myself through our readings. You have provided me with so much information and guidance. It is so appreciated. The things you know and have said it is so eerie as I am like "he" said that. I love our readings and always learning something new. Mylie has seen things that are playing out exactly as she saw. I always leave a reading from Mylie feeling more positive. Thank you!!

Vikachka 10/27/2019 stars Chat Reading

I came to Mylie for some answers as i was hurting from my own fears and thoughts. Thank you for reassuring me by reminding me that i am guided and protected. And tuning to my POI's intentions. You are spot on. Every thing you said was true. Today he said he loves me and is very happy with our relationship and doesn't want to lose us. And thank you so much for the messages from baba (father in Swahili). Exactly what he would say to me ... God bless you for the work you do. Helping people.

travel123 10/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always amazing!! Thank you Mylie

dreams6 10/26/2019 stars Chat Reading

First time reading with Mylie! very sweet

Lotus111 10/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thx again Mylie!! She definitely gets behind the scenes. Loved the analogy. Let’s see what unfolds.

Jacqui29 10/20/2019 stars Chat Reading

Love my readings with Mylie! One of my favs on PS. Seems like a nonjudgmental friend with great advice and clarity

Vikachka 10/19/2019 stars Chat Reading

Mylie was spot on. I don't know how you do it but talking to you always raises my vibration. I changed completely how i think of my POI. And loh and behold... he contacted me today. Having fun with it... staying in the moment and focusing on my goals and ambitions. Thank you for helping me to shift energetically