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Psychic Michele x3520

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Featured Review amardeep 6/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

I just had a reading on Michele, she give me so much positivity and better view on life and how to balance my energies. Thank you so much for being there for me and going approve and beyond. God bless

uhg123 11/7/2022 stars Phone Reading

told me what I wanted to hear, but kept telling me I need to manifest my desires through prayer & meditation. I was looking for a psychic who could give specifics, not general advice.

WilloI 11/3/2022 stars Phone Reading

I'm floored and in disbelief how she brought up a topic that I did not mention. She really shocked me at how she knew so much with just my name. thank you

maldol5663 11/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Michele. You are truly gifted in your craft and I so much appreciate your time with me today.

Christ2004 10/24/2022 stars Phone Reading

I love her: she is so kind and patient , accurate and direct but sweet. You feel good when you speak to her.

happiness2 8/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

OmG Michele! been trying to connect you! a few times you logged off! I have been looking for this document/receipt for almost a month now! I hope I find it soon! I feel so bad about it! thanks for still seeing it somewhere at home! Will let you know!

Christinewazy 5/12/2022 stars Phone Reading

Amazing! I felt so low today and she was able to help me. She didn’t say what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear to understand the situation. Talk soon!

beegirl526 4/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Michele was very kind and comforting. Very informative and was able to give me insight into specific questions.

sucesso10 4/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

On the dot and direct no questions asked information came from her not me !

customer(s) found the following review helpful

anonymous12345 4/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thanks but it didn’t come to pass (keep name confidential please if you reply )