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Psychic Michele x3520

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Featured Review Dorothy1 3/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Immediately was able to give me accurate information. I was literally blown away. Thank you for peace of mind

BluesCluez 1/27/2020 stars Phone Reading

She picked up on a lot of things about my personality and current situation. However, it felt similar to counseling. Some people may prefer that style. I know myself and appreciate that she was able to tune in. However, I was more focused on the question. She did answer it briefly, but continued to focus more on my personality.

ellencat 1/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Accuracy and true insight, so thankful these are just a few of your amazing gifts, Michele. Thank you, friend!!

beegirl526 1/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Very happy with the reading. She was spot on and insightful.

FAITH2020 1/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

No connection.

tuckerman38 1/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

Great reading!

Winter19 1/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

I highly recommend Michele if you have any relationship issues not limited to romance. To me, the work situation I have dealt with for the past 10 years was so complicated that I needed clarification and guidance to stay calm, professional, and functional at work. Michele connected with me beautifully and was able to help dissect the problems. I had consulted a few other psychics on this work issue and asked the same questions about the people at work before. Most of the advisors seemed a bit confused because too many people (names) were involved, but Michele had a very clear vision, and I felt as if she had been actually working at the same job while talking on the phone from the way she perfectly understood the situation and responded with answers. Very very helpful.

Winter19 1/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading. A combination of her clairvoyance and reading experience specialized in relationships, this reading about the whole work situation involving 5 important people was PHENOMENAL. It was SO detailed, organized, and constructive. Michele picked up LOTS about each person I asked about, and see how the situation was going to move, and everything she saw in her mind and shared with me made perfect sense. The details she gave me (without my input) were uncannily accurate. Wow.

Delara 12/12/2019 stars Phone Reading

Great reading. Thank you

Tammie1996 12/6/2019 stars Phone Reading

Good advisor