Psychic Maxx x3612

Psychic Maxx x3612

Alignment With Universal Energies

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Featured Review Time55 7/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

I really like him. I can feel and hear his sincerity. You can tell that he is being genuine. He also was straightforward and connected very well to my situation. Thank you!

MusicGirl 8/9/2020 stars Phone Reading

Max instantly gave an accurate description of the current situation and thought process of my POI without me telling him anything. I believe his prediction because it simply makes a lot of sense based on what I know about my poi’s personality.

AVaug00 8/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you very much Maxx. Very helpful and accurate reading.

Redalex 8/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the fine reading, i will be back and keep you updated! I Highy recommend!

Redalex 8/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Maxx was upbeat, and got to the point.Tarot reading is his art, a generational gift., I did not get life-coaching or Friendly advice, etc, I got the real deal.The options, likelihood, were all laid out. Not all was a bed orflower, hard times ( I was looking for strength and I went to the right person. I hope you enjoyed “Last of the Mohicans”, look like you knight have some native Americans as well. A compliment.the Reading very enlightening. All calla as events Unfits.

Lynn22 7/23/2020 stars Phone Reading

Very nice answered all my questions even picked up information I didn't ask about.

13salinton 7/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

Did not feel connection

sammcg 7/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

maxx was good! great energy, enthusiasm for cards and pulled a few extra when i asked without hesitation. accurate in describing my situation without having to say much. would call again with more details going in.

Christ2004 7/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed my reading. He made me feel so much better, so much more empowered and I felt more aligned after our chat! Thank you Maxx!

nileshbh 7/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

He is Good!!