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Featured Review nutterbg01 5/1/2021 stars Chat Reading

absolutely fantastic reading. i walked away feeling very relieved with my situation. they gave me great advice and took the time to give me a clear reading and was very encouraging. 10/10 would recommend.

Marlo replied...

Thank you so much Bethany! It was a pleasure reading for you! Can't wait to hear how it turns out for you!!

Hasane 7/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

This is my 2nd reading with Marlo. The first one she accurately predicted the start of my relationship, and the dynamics between us. The timing happened before the end of the period she gave me. I like the way she gave deeper insight into what is happening beyond the surface; it helps me accept whatever is happening. This, I feel gives a better chance of the outcome I want coming to fruition. Thank you Marlo!!

Thatgirl185 7/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thanks, Marlo! What a reading!! I loved the connection, and you clarified a lot. Sorry we got cut off before I could say thanks and goodnight…you helped a lot, and I will keep you posted.

stephvelander 7/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

Do you like it whenever a person is honest with you & isn't gonna tell you want you want to hear? Same, that's why Marlo is amazing. I needed to hear the truth about that dude who will never love me like I love him. Time to manifest the right one! Thanks Marlo!

ShiningStar0302 7/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Marlo sounds promising but she types full, long sentences in chat readings. Please type shorter sentences, which can still get the message across effectively, yet save time. I will come back if predictions happen. Thank you.

Marlo replied...

Thank you so much for the feedback! I do receive very clear messages from Spirit and many of my clients over the years appreciate the amount of details I am able to provide--so that is how I enjoy communicating! It does not take me much time to give very potent details and I find that overall, it sets my client up with a clear picture of what it is I am seeing and the message that Spirit is giving to them. Hopefully your feedback gives folks who want short less detailed answers some insight into working with me. Have a great day looking forward to hearing how things worked out for you!

Flygirl 6/10/2021 stars Chat Reading

First time reading with Marlo. I was looking for something different and that's exactly what I got. Her style of reading was exactly what I needed. Looking at both my POI as well as the healing that would come to me as a result of this relationship. She confirmed what my 'gut' had been telling me, and was able to leave me calm, centered, and ready to take on what I needed to. Thank you so much Marlo!!!

Marlo replied...

Of course! Thank YOU so much for reaching out!

lindsay2283 6/5/2021 stars Chat Reading

Excellent reading! Marlo was able to provide accurate details without me sharing any information (which validates she is the real-deal), provided straight to the point information and fluff! Although I cannot comment on accuracy of predictions because of the time line to provide feedback from P.S, I would strongly recommend a reading with her. Thank You for sharing your gift!

Jailenee07 5/30/2021 stars Chat Reading

Ugh, I feel so much better with this reading, I think I can leave the past where it needs to be & just listen to my guides & the signs the universe sends me! Her message was on point with what I asked her. I'm so happy my intuition pulled towards Marlo because she was such a kind soul and just spoke with actual emotion and not for the money or anything like that even if it is timestamped!

Tamader 5/13/2021 stars Chat Reading

Marlo was really kind and understanding. She gave me detailed and direct reading. She also give me very Precious advice that I shall keep with me. I recommend her if you have any questions about your love life!

JennyK 5/13/2021 stars Chat Reading

Marlo was very fast to respond and gave detailed insight on my questions instantly!