Psychic Mackenzie x9602

Psychic Mackenzie x9602

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Featured Review arabee 6/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie is amazing and picked up on many things that I didn’t mention. She was accurate on everything she said. I am waiting for her predictions to happen

Janice0812 6/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

awesome! so i seen a man in a store he was cute n guess what he was a chef on a cruise ship and in resorts in mexico lol anyway little young but he home now for his family issue wished him well thought u could use a chuckle right now … mayb this is the sign or things to come he now works at a friends pizza place until family issue settled …. i love italian food lol hang in luv ya

anasmt 6/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie is so kind! She was always honest through the reading and helped me understand a situation that had been bothering my mind lately. Thank you Mackenzie! I really do hope your predictions come true soon!

Cappy719 6/5/2021 stars Chat Reading

Great as always! I'im sorry I didnt have much time. I know a couple of questions i didnt have enough time to answer im on a very tight budget since my injury i will try to direct message you if you dont mind i love that you have never been judgmental with me i know my situation has been difficult but i know deep in my soul it has been worth fighting and waiting for even with all this pain.

Sk0000 6/2/2021 stars Chat Reading

Very fast connection, very fast replies as if she knew it.

Lillyz 6/2/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was very nice and her advice was helpful .

Flyhigh007 6/1/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was spot on!! All she needed was a name. I’ll definitely be coming back. Thank you so much!!

labern2002 5/30/2021 stars Chat Reading

I just love Mackenzie. I was excited when I saw she was on late tonight. Just had to chat with her. She always makes me feel so much better. Especially in regards to a stressful situation I'm going thru. I wish my time didn't run out so fast. I just love chatting with her. Thank you so much Mackenzie for your support and being there for me in my time of need. God bless you xoxo

Tara99 5/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

Very good connection!

Janice0812 5/29/2021 stars Chat Reading