Psychic Lynne x9982

Psychic Lynne x9982

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4½ stars

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Featured Review Solarzar 12/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

I consider Lynne a gem. She is direct and clear every time. No hemming and hawing. She listens to my concerns, she specifically guides the best questions to ask and then she delivers the information. I appreciate the thoroughness of her information, and her openness to discussing what she is seeing and how it applies to the current situation. She is one of my favorite advisors and I always feel better after talking with her.

KathieD 12/31/2019 stars Phone Reading

Awesome reading. Thank you.

deanna09 12/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thanks so much for the reading. I really needed that. Sorry we got cut off. I have been applying to every job I see. And since it is the holidays I am kind of in a stale mate just waiting. I applied to 2 part time jobs right before Christmas and nothing from those interviews.There have been several jobs that am looking at. Thanks for the short reading. I will def. be back when I start going on interviews again to see where am currently at. Thanks again.

Ocean31612 12/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

Excellent. Straight to point, very helpful.

Heather1517 12/16/2019 stars Chat Reading

Really helpful. We got cut off due to time but as soon as i can catch her available i hopw to continue where we left off

Solarzar 12/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

An extraordinary session with Lynne. She covered my questions and concerns from top to bottom with compassion, humor and wonderful guidance. Talking with Lynne is always comfortable and easy. At the same time she is able to calm and soothe the concerns with honest guidance. I always enjoy talking with Lynne.

MusicGirl 12/5/2019 stars Chat Reading

Not connected.

mscvfv 12/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

She's amazing. She knew so much without having to explain, and compassionate. I always appreciate that.

BBCsubBitchBoy 11/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so MUCH!! I am already feeling better about things! We will talk again!

Ttaylor11 11/27/2019 stars Chat Reading

Lynne was spot on. She knew Every thing about my breakup and she was very fast but kind. I will definitely chat with her again. If you are looking for answers she is the one to call.