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Featured Review starlady 5/28/2021 stars Chat Reading

I appreciate Lydia and the guidance and recommendation she shared with me. I felt warmth and kindness through her reading for me as well, helping me to “lighten up”.

Lydia replied...

Thank you for your beautiful words! I am so glad it helped!

LD2000 1/26/2023 stars Chat Reading

Amazing per usual! Super accurate.

LD2000 1/22/2023 stars Chat Reading

AMAZING I’m mind blown with her accuracy

LD2000 1/20/2023 stars Chat Reading

Lydia was super accurate

Lydia replied...

Thank you so much for allowing me to read for you. Love the energy!

PhoenixT 1/18/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much! Lydia is very intuitive!

Venusgirl 1/15/2023 stars Chat Reading

I want to thank you for the reading. Sorry I end the call. I will call back. Reading is quick and very helpful.

Lydia replied...

You are so welcome. Thank you for allowing me to read for you :)

Roberta 1/11/2023 stars Chat Reading

Lydia has been my advisor for about a year and a half, and I am always so grateful for her insight. The first time we chatted, she said, "you're not sleeping well." I was surprised. I always went to sleep nearly right away and slept right through the night. Well, she was right. This fall, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Just before Christmas, Lydia warned me that my estranged sister would try to connect with me. I had absolutely no contact at all with my sister since April, but the very next day, she texted my adult children and invited them to dinner! She tried to connect with me by pressing my kids for information! I had entered a writing competition. Right from the beginning of our relationship, Lydia said she heard that she needed to encourage me to write, so she was so excited and proud of me. And she told me "3." The competition was a single-elimination format like NHL playoffs, and I went out in the third round! These are just three recent confirmations of what Lydia had told me. Our chats are always so comfortable, like talking with a best friend over coffee. Like a best friend, she tells me stuff that is hard for me to hear, but she always tells me gently and kindly. Lydia is fantastic, and I'm so glad she's in my court! And Lydia, I did say thank you and good bye on our call today, but I saw when I looked back at the transcript that it was cut off. I apologize! Thank you so much!

Lydia replied...

Thank you so much! I am so grateful to be able to do what I do and have such amazing clients.

Karen5 11/5/2022 stars Chat Reading

Lydia is wonderful. She listens and is understanding to my concerns. I recommend her if you have any questions.

Dolphinlover7 8/19/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks for helpful updates, talk further soon!

Lydia replied...

You are so welcome! It is a pleasure to read for you.

Roberta 8/19/2022 stars Chat Reading

Lydia has read for me several times in the last year. She has frequently reminded me that she knows the timeline is not what I want (nor what she wants on my behalf), but it is the universe's timeline. Patience. It will happen. She tells me the truth but with compassion. Thank you, Lydia! I appreciate your gentle counsel so much, and I know you're in my court.

Lydia replied...

You always uplift me when we read. Such a beautiful soul.