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Psychic Leila x3309

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Featured Review Serenity35 5/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

Straightforward!!!! BUT in a pleasant way. I highly recommend her if you need direct answers, but with details. Something about her Voice is very calming. Leila was absolutely incredible... Completely spot on with details that were so non-generic and straightforward right from the start. Her reading was so accurate and straight to the point. I didn't have to feed her details like you do with most other psychics on here. I could go on and on about her... She is the Real deal!!! Give her a try you will not regret it!!

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Kapegue 5/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Muchas gracias por su ayuda lo que usted me dijo cuando hablé en la mañana por teléfono con usted sucedió en la tarde recibí muy buenas noticias gracias por todo y la recomiendo mucho es muy acertada

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guardedinlove 5/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Leila is the best on this site. Ive been reading with her since the end of the year and everything she predicted has happened. There were times that she said things that I doubt they were going to happen and it did happen.

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Rainbw 5/22/2020 stars Chat Reading

Little scared me coz she told me everything true!!!! Thank u so much

Serenity35 5/20/2020 stars Phone Reading

Hands Down the best Psychic I have ever had on PS. I didn't have to volunteer much before Leila made a very interesting point about there being communication problems that would be cleared up in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for clarification.

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rk1973 5/20/2020 stars Chat Reading

Extremely ACCURATE at nailing the inner emotions of a situation. Highly recommended!

Purelove 5/9/2020 stars Chat Reading

Leila read so wrong. I dunno if she was picking up on someone else's energy but she was no where talking about who I asked for. I asked about someone and she told me that he will not want to do anything with me and doesnt want this relationship at all and I am gonna have to move on. Well he is my fiance and we are getting married, I have never felt in his energy that he doesnt wanna be with me it's actually quite the opposite. Perhaps Leila was picking up on someone else.

avi_ma5036 5/8/2020 stars Chat Reading


Maricela 5/5/2020 stars Chat Reading

Una de las lecturas más buenas que eh tenido en varios años es precisa y todo lo que me a dicho sale verdad sin duda alguna me guía de planta gracias Leila

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MusicGirl 5/1/2020 stars Chat Reading

I have been feeling low and very uncertain about my relationship. The recent readings with other psychics either gave me false hope and over promises or made me feel so discouraged that this relationship is not worth saving and nothing is good enough. What I appreciate Leila the most is right off bat I can tell she is reading the energy very accurately and the future prediction is also within reasonable reach. She is kind, patient and encouraging but not sugar coating the facts at all. She gave me a lot of good advice for my relationship and I will follow her leads. Thank you Leila!