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Psychic Kristine x8223

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Featured Review Inquisiti 3/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Kristine has been my rock through a very difficult and challenging time. She has been consistent and truly accurate with how she has been calling it. Kristine has been there to lift me up when I have hit bottom. I know I can go to her and she will not judge me but help me become stronger and see things aren't as they appear. She has seen things that happen. Believe her. She truly is gifted and accurate. She will not steer you wrong. She truly cares. Kristine is more than an advisor to me, she is truly a friend that I am blessed to have found. She is one you want on a long journey with so many twists and turns. Thank you so much for being there and helping me!!

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kelgVA 3/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

I should have reached out to her sooner. She was amazing. Direct and to the point.

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Ces0013 3/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Kristine has always been consistent with my readings over the years. She is very accurate, it just takes time sometimes for her predictions to pass. Be patient!

BrGi03 3/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely one of my favorites! She is quick with her answers and very direct. There is no fluff nor sugar coating and she is incredibly kind and caring.

Dinkydo94 3/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Kristene is the bomb!! My sister from another Mother. LOVE HER!!!

Faded23 3/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Kristine is the best! Honest, direct, and so, so sweet. I love talking to her. She has such a calming presence about her.

Sauce33 3/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Not sure there was a connection. Only time will tell if what was stated is to be the truth. Other than that, she was kind, empathetic and sweet!

Dinkydo94 3/9/2020 stars Phone Reading

As usual, my girl Kristene came though!! Thank you!!

Dinkydo94 3/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

If you need clarity, look no further!! Thanks Kristene!!

Dinkydo94 3/6/2020 stars Phone Reading

Kristine is a very gifted advisor. She gives quick honest answers. No sugar coating from this lady. Love her!!