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Featured Review Kat1021 2/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

I’ve had amazing readings from so many on this site but wanted to try someone who didn’t use tools (tarot, etc), and Irene was eerily accurate. Everything she said she got EXACTLY right. I was shook!

Metakt 2/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

very wise and gets to the point no sugar coating

danakit 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Irena was amazing, knew things that no one else knows and was able to provide clarity, good direction, empathy, and good advice. I love her!!

Jahoozafat 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Irena, I am so impressed with the care and time you give myself and my children as clients. We couldn't be happier with your on the spot precision and insight. You are a fantastically wonderful reader/woman. Don't change a thing. Much appreciation and gratitude.

Metakt 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading


Metakt 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely fantastic in all areas.

Venusgirl 1/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the reading

GSnipe 1/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Great advisor! Thanks for sharing your gift with me. I appreciate the information and the advice given. You were on point about my poi situation and work.

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Valgore 1/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

EXCELLENT reading!!! She is definitely one of the best on here and I don't usually stick to the same advisor, but I will definitely be calling her next time. She was on point, clued in on my situation quickly and easily and gave a very accurate reading of my person and situation. She was direct but still compassionate. She also gave great input/advice, but not too much to where it ate up much time. She also made it clear that she saw the # 4 in regards to when my person would be reaching out. She was honest in that she didn't know if that meant 4 hours, 4 days, 4 months, or the month of April so I really appreciated her honesty. I will write another review if/when that happens.

SpecialB 1/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

She knew who the persons was to me so that was good but she gives more advice than actual insight into what’s to come in your life I already know who is good for me and who is not I call to hear about what’s to come but unfortunately I didn’t get that