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Manali123 2/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful reading.

Jennifer725 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Indra has such great energy! I did not call for anything specific today but I definitely will in the future. His reading style is very unique. He described very accurately our daily scene like he was watching it before his eyes, small details included. He discussed the importance of my new space and sage. I am in the habit of using sage quite a bit right now so it really was a validation of his gift, I do not explore new readers on here much anymore but I am very glad that we connected today and we will chat again! Welcome to PS glad to have you!

armita 2/4/2023 stars Chat Reading


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Canatolia 1/29/2023 stars Chat Reading

Very confusing -keep talking about the spirits and very general stuff which didn't make. Waste of time and money. I will never use him again...

Indra replied...

Hi, really look for an opportunity to connect again. I feel that Spirit is always sending us messages and its not always what we want to hear, or do we know how to interpret it right away. Happy to look at this deeper with you. Bless you.

rosa1991 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Indra for taking my calls today, I was really sad and heartbroken, but I think I made the right decision, thank you for your validation! I will stand my ground and be a big girl :) ( even if he doesn’t return this time is not about him, it’s about me and I know my value) thank you my brother!!

Indra replied...

Hi, it's always my pleasure to talk. That's right, it's all about you and feeling good. Look forward to our next chat. Bless you.

lethal 1/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

Indra is absolutely amazing! He has a great ability to remote in and be able to tell you exactly all the sensations the person is feeling and what they are thinking. He is very detailed and Indra has a great energy about him. He is genuine and authentic. What he says really resonates with me.

Indra replied...

Greetings and Thank you for the great feedback. I really make an effort to connect deeply and really receive information from Spirit. I move ego aside and let info come thru. Bless you.

Cinderella23451 1/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

The reading was excellent. He is so calming. I feel so much at peace and serene after speaking with him. I will definitely seek his guidance in the future! Thank you so much.

Indra replied...

Bless you, Thank you. Really appreciate the wonderful feedback! Look forward to connecting again.

Quietstorm 1/26/2023 stars Phone Reading

Decided to try him again and he was on point with what’s going on now.

Indra replied...

Hi, thank you for the positive feedback. Look forward to connecting again. Bless you.

Lilsunshine 1/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

what an amazing reading. very different than any other reading. Indra is very personable, caring and genuine. thank you so much.

Indra replied...

Thank you Gladys, it truly is my pleasure. I had a wonderful time connecting with you. Sending you lots of light for your journey. Bless you.

MarilynP 1/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

Indra was totally amazing! He was so accurate that I just kept asking questions...and he was so kind. I didn’t get to say thank you but thank you thank you thank you!!!

Indra replied...

Thank you for the sweet message! It's my pleasure connecting and offering guidance in this way. Bless you.