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Psychic Grace x3494

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Featured Review princel0123 10/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

Grace was great. She picked up on a lot of information about my situation and was very helpful with the clarity that I needed

avril8080 9/22/2020 stars Chat Reading

very very good!

karlakl16 9/22/2020 stars Chat Reading

Grace, I’m going to have to get back to you. I maxed out my card today lol. But yes you’re correct. He’s definitely someone who holds back on his feelings. I do have to get in the space of not expecting anything just for the sake of not stressing out about it. Thank you I’ll be back :)

JesckaV 9/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Grace was super amazing! I'm glad I called because as she was telling me things, and I was shocked at how true this was in my life! She was super excited for me and it just made me happy of compassionate she was for me!

GingerScorpio 9/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

First time speaking to Grace. She is very easy to connect with and very in tune with the person of interest. Won't sugar coat anything and will give it to you straight which is how it should be. I really enjoyed my reading! Thank you Grace! So sorry we got cut short. I will add you to my list of favorite advisors.

GingerScorpio 9/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Fabulous! Like talking to a good friend! I could have talked to her for hours but time/money ran out. Sorry we got cut short. I loved the reading and all of the information you provided. I took lots of notes! Thank you!

Solarzar 9/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Grace was charming and insightful on my questions concerning relationship. She offered great insight and encouragement. Her insight on my work situation was specific and clear but certainly not what I wanted to hear. Nonetheless being forewarned is being forearmed. I enjoy our session tremendously and would call Grace again. I certainly recommend her to others.

victoriac 8/31/2020 stars Chat Reading

Grace brought so much clarification and peace to my heart! Absolutely loved my reading!

BS1989 8/27/2020 stars Chat Reading

She was amazing, she connected with me, I asked her things and she told me few things which I have to wait for, but I felt satisfied, it’s like when you speak to someone and you are paying, the least you want to say is “what was that, why the he’ll did I waste my money on this” . I was at peace when I connected with her. I am giving 4 stars for her prediction to pass, overall a great experience

LDLL72 8/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Beautiful way of reading and so spot on. Thank you!