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Featured Review wendy2000 5/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Love and appreciate your guidance :D

Casey1234 11/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

She gave me a lot of clarity and answers I’ve been going crazy for. Thank you Gaia!

jjurado 11/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

I revisited the same subject because I am having a difficult time moving past trauma and creating my own closure, which is normally the tipping point where I decide to employ readings. A lot of readers reflexively try to control my questions based on their (usually very uninformed, usually very personal) assumptions. It's very triggering and retraumatizing to experience when you are already fighting to regain control of your own healing and someone else insists on taking your power and your reins away from you instead of simply just.. listening to and guiding you where you need it. Gaia HEARD and UNDERSTOOD me immediately when I told her I just needed clarity for myself the first time I explained, and did her thorough blitzkrieg discovery as usual. I have returned to her twice now because I love her reading style and her free, easy and clear ability to communicate. It felt like a tag-team the way she read so effortlessly and ran off my energy; I love that I can always sense her skillfully feeling her way through the dark until she latches onto an "a-ha!" You can always feel her focus and pure and honest intention to help. Even with all the surrounding questions she asks to aid the divination, she still allows you room to ask all your questions and lets you take up SPACE, which is so important in healing. Very solid and efficient work. I did not expect so much more insight than yesterday and it spooked me how perfectly she nailed the hunches I questioned and buried deep in my consciousness. Thank you so much for your patience, your honest, nonjudgmental presence and your consistent support once again, Gaia. I appreciate you.

jjurado 11/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

Reliable. If you're considering it, this is your sign to call. Do it.

cnova01 11/20/2022 stars Phone Reading

You were so awesome! Thank you!

chelseasam 11/19/2022 stars Phone Reading


No1cocoa 11/17/2022 stars Chat Reading

She's always quick to connect, accurate and caring.

reynolds1234 11/12/2022 stars Phone Reading

I’ve been reading with Gaia For over a year and what I have come to find out is that she is brutally honest very accurate and helpful. She definitely has a gift. Don’t call her unless you’re ready for the truth!

Vame317 11/12/2022 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading, thank you!

InTheLight 11/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

Always a blessing