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Psychic Fern x4669

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Featured Review whynot16 5/25/2021 stars Chat Reading

Fern was very helpful, she knew exactly what was stopping me from moving forward, and have me insight as to how to fix it. Would definitely recommend her!

Mar5987 5/3/2022 stars Chat Reading

Super caring, connected with me right away, and I felt like she was a good person looking out for me.

Willhikes21n 4/27/2022 stars Chat Reading

Had a great reading from Fern. She’s very caring and compassionate. Good advise too.

anonymous12345 3/23/2022 stars Chat Reading

Wow. On point yesterday. Thanks.

Cware70 2/10/2022 stars Chat Reading

A good recommendation, but I wish it was a true clairvoyant reading.

Scorpio2022libra 2/7/2022 stars Chat Reading

I was very satisfied with the reading she put the light exactly where it needed to be. She gave me the advice I needed.

Writer4Life4ever 2/3/2022 stars Chat Reading

I did a chat with Fern. In just a couple of minutes she was able to get what I was feeling. She was able to answer my main question. She is very empathic and kind. Would highly recommend her. This was my first time with her and I will seek her out again soon.

thedoctor321 1/12/2022 stars Chat Reading

Fern was so awesome. I feel she hit everything I was wondering about.

Meeeeh 1/11/2022 stars Chat Reading

Fast, timelines come true, and accurate. Honest. Even if it is not the best news.

Xnsueb 12/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was the most accurate and detailed I had found. She's straight forward. Doesn't tell you want you want to here. She's very genuine and seems to really know what she's talk bout. Ty. I appreciated our Convo. I had a feeling that he was just looking for attention and everything else you had mentioned. It wouldn't work anyways. I don't want to waste my time w someone wants me around for codependent issues n resolve issues. I guess I thought he actually was kind pretty interested in me. More than just thinking I was cute but ur right n thank for your honesty