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Psychic Dewin x4718

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Featured Review Marie1185 7/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

An instant amazing connection. He knew things there is no way he could have known. Honest and quick to the point, but kind. Please try him if you need a second opinion. He will quickly connect with your energy.

Dewin replied...

it was my absolute pleasure. .Thank you so much for trusting me and opening up your energy to me. many many blessings.

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travel123 9/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

This man is Awesome. No sugar coating he is so real i trust what he says! And predicts. Very authentic!!

Dewin replied...

Thank you again. your awesome and inspiring. much blessings and happiness your way x

Kr5678 9/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you

Dewin replied...

my pleasure. many blessings x

WVgirl 9/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Dewin! What you read definitely resonated with me! And provided the clarity on what my intuition was telling me.

Dewin replied...

Thanks be to you for a lovely energy. Many many blessings and joy x

Dr Hol3888 9/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

Dewin provided information on exactly what I wanted and needed to learn prior to me saying anything, except my name. He answered questions that I did not ask, but felt deeply. Thank you Dewin, your reading was amazing and I appreciate your deep wisdom.

Dewin replied...

Thank you for the kind and lovely words. Love connecting to such energy .I wish you so many blessings x

travel123 9/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

He is so real and authentic so osychic. I love getting a reading from him good or bad he is amazing!!!

Dewin replied...

Thank you so much yet again. i always look forward to connecting to your open heart. Many blessings on your new journey x

melcali 8/25/2021 stars Phone Reading

New favorite for sure thanks a lot

Dewin replied...

Thank you so much. I am so truly happy and cannot wait to hear more about your journey . blessings x

WVgirl 8/9/2021 stars Phone Reading

Dewin- Your reading was on target - and I did not have to give you any information regarding my situation!!! The key thing you said that really resonated with me: COURAGE. You were correct about me hiding in my cave and not having the courage-and strength- to say anything. I really appreciate you being honest that there are still bumps ahead and that the path would not be smooth. I have the strength and courage to speak up.

Dewin replied...

thank you for the kind words and for opening your heart to trust me. i send you many blessings with strength and courage through it all . thank you and you got this x

NettyB75 8/8/2021 stars Phone Reading

What an incredible gift you have. A calming , intellectual and clear voice. Real and valid emotions. Honesty. This was one of the best readings I’ve had in a long time thank you !

Dewin replied...

Thank you so much for the kind words. The thanks are all mine for trusting me and allowing me to connect to a beautiful energy . many thanks and blessings x

Bella12 8/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

I believe what he was saying was true. Will call again

Dewin replied...

thank you and blessings x