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Psychic Danielle x7913

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Featured Review memo80 6/13/2020 stars Chat Reading

Oh I just love chatting with her so sweet and gentle and so accurate xxx

EbonyNev 8/2/2020 stars Chat Reading

I loved my chat reading with Danielle! She was able to tune in extremely fast not wasting anytime. She provided the clarity I was seeking and I left the reading feeling very positive!

LondonCalling87 8/2/2020 stars Chat Reading

I'm sorry we got cut off before I was able to respond or ask any questions, I've been having some roof leakage issues in my home and right in the middle of a chat was when they decided to show up. Apologies again, hopefully we can chat again soon.

Redwine 8/1/2020 stars Chat Reading

She is a gem of a person. Feel so comfortable with her and she says it how it really is. Doesn’t sugar coat.

Garrett 7/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you! Can you read the messages I sent you? Needing your prayers right now!

Redwine 7/19/2020 stars Chat Reading

She just knows. Her predictions so far have been accurate. Waiting on the big one now

Kat910 7/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

Danielle is a delight! So much positive energy! So sweet! Can’t wait for her predictions to come to fruition. Thank you

Dido_Di2525 7/18/2020 stars Chat Reading

Danielle's readings are uplifting, precise, clear and warm. I keep coming back as her predictions in the past came true and I am now hoping that this one will unfold just like she sees it! Thank you, Danielle, such an amazing compassionate and kind heart! xoxo

Mary95 7/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

My dear Danielle thank u so much ,I love talking to u , I feel so much confident after I talk to you.,thank u

apiscesgirl 7/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

I liked what Danielle said in her video. She used an analogy about her clients being in a forest and sometimes the can’t see the forest because some trees are in the way. The saying, I can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s sure how I was feeling. But I the video she says she’s on the summit and has a view that can help her clients see what they aren’t able to see in that moment. And that’s what she did for me. Danielle helped me see my situation with more clarity. She gave me a little faith boost with her information and her reading style.