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Nishitha22 12/9/2023 stars Chat Reading

You are just wow! I love your readings because you make me see things in different and right perspective. I always come out with more strength and peace of mind after your reading. Today's reading was just like you knew what's happening to me without me telling you anything. Things that you told me today, gave me goosebumps. How could you know that ! Wow.. you are just amazing Dahlia. I will be back after sometime . I will need your direction always

astiemke 10/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you!! You gave me a lot to think about. I hope to talk again.

Dahlia replied...

You're so welcome! You've got this, are so strong. I'm pulling for you. I look forward to connecting again soon!

Lila1986 10/10/2023 stars Chat Reading

Amazing! Thank you.

Dahlia replied...

You're so welcome! Look forward to connecting with you again!

Tbanksba 9/25/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thanks will wait to see predictions.

mayarivera 8/27/2023 stars Chat Reading

very helpful thank you so much

Dahlia replied...

It was so great to connect with you Maya! I look forward to working with you more!

Bluesky777 8/27/2023 stars Chat Reading

Dahlia is a very special reader, she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear or make specific perditions. Instead she makes you deep dive into yourself to do the work necessary to better yourself and reach your desired goal or outcome. I feel Dahlia has opened my eyes to things about myself that needed to be faced and learned. This in turn has had such a positive influence on my relationship with my POI since she mirrors me. The more I grow she does as well and the closer we become. I highly recommend Dahlia for self growth and discovey and watch the amazing impact it will have on your life.

Dahlia replied...

Thank you for this Jade, I appreciate you! It has been so amazing to work with you. You are so open to the divine knowledge that is available to us that it allows me to tap into it and channel it for both of us! I look forward to every call with you and learn something new even for myself each time. Looking forward to more!

travel123 8/13/2023 stars Chat Reading

Wow! Knows things without me saying! Fast and accurate in chat. Highly recommend

Dahlia replied...

Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I have had others say they contacted me as a result of the reviews just know that the testimony of your experience is genuinely helpful to those that are unsure about who to connect with for guidance! I appreciate you, that you choose me as your advisor, and I always look forward to our conversations.

Intuitivegirl 8/9/2023 stars Chat Reading

She is awesome at picking up energies

Dahlia replied...

Thank you! It was really great connecting with you. I'm so grateful that you choose me as your advisor. Hope to speak with you again soon!

Nishitha22 8/3/2023 stars Chat Reading

Dahlia, thank you so much for the reading ... I felt so much better after talking to you.. your reading gives me peace and I feel more stronger.

Dahlia replied...

I love this! I'm so grateful to be your advisor!

travel123 7/26/2023 stars Phone Reading

Omg direct and honest and accurate !!!! What more could u ask for in a psychic. She gets everything and knows everything . Would of loved to have record her wisdom maybe if she has time she can send me a recap. But she is just fabulous call her. I definitely calling her very soon again!!!!

Dahlia replied...

Thank you for this Robin! I would love to give you some credit as well because your openness is what allows me to delve deeper and channel even higher knowledge. So thank you for your willingness to explore truth and light, no matter how much that challenges you to look at shadows within yourself. Keep going, keep growing and keep glowing!!! This is why I do what I do!