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Psychic Charlie x3383

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Featured Review LadyDiana10 2/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very detailed and he delivers much info , rapidly. He was hard to understand with his accent so definitely take notes and be in a quiet place. I found him to be accurate but he only provided a couple of predictions that did not include any timelines. He is definitely worth a call as he taps into the situation quickly and accurately.

angiemarusa 3/31/2022 stars Phone Reading

He was very encouraging. He did speak a little too fast but I got what he said. I contacted the man I love but I haven’t heard back yet. I’m just waiting on pins and needles. Thank you for pushing me to do this. I hope the outcome comes to pass.

Rose Quartz 3/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

I have no idea what happened this time. Charlie was off & started playing loud music in the background. I advised him that I couldn’t hear then my time ran out.

wythe56 2/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

I've spoken with Charlie a few times now. Each time he dives deep into my situation with very little information. He's very sweet and kind. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Rose Quartz 2/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

Things that he has said have come true before, that’s why I stick with him, despite the little nicks in the road.

BarbaraB 2/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet, accurate, lots of accurate detail, and thorough explanation. I am very glad I met Charlie. Fun person. It felt like I had known him alll my life with all the accuracy shared. Amazing! Thank you very much. Made me feel full of happiness and enlightenment!

Skresch813 11/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

Awesome reading a little hard to understand at times because of the accent but It wasn’t bad. He was spot on with things going on.

Butterfly44 7/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

I still have some difficulty understanding Charlie at times, but he is so fast and accurate with what he picks up, so thank you! And he is very encouraging and supportive, which I appreciate! Love, Peace, and Brightest Blessings to you, Charlie!

Rose Quartz 7/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

Pretty Good tonight, I just can’t get over the accent

Dainty 6/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Holy crap! I didn’t have to tell him why I was calling or a name or DOB.. he just knew. Yes he does talk quickly so I do agree with moving into a quiet area to hear what is being said but he’s amazing. Definitely will call again for more advice