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Psychic Cassandra x3169

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Featured Review Solarzar 12/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

I waited several weeks for a time when I could connect with Cassandra since I first came across her profile. It was worth the wait. She is a caring, compassionate psychic who empathically connects with your guides and her guides to bring specific answers to questions. In a very short time I captured two pages of notes related to the questions I asked all delivered in her deliberate, compassionate, caring manner. This session was a true joy and Cassandra is a gift.

travel123 1/14/2020 stars Chat Reading

Thank u

Dw93121876 1/11/2020 stars Chat Reading

Cassandra was great she was able to tap into the situation quickly and give me insight on how my poi was really feeling. I hope that she is right. She was very calming and put my mind at ease.

Shawncollins504 1/10/2020 stars Chat Reading

This reading removed all doubts and made me feel better. She was very specific. Will use her again!!!

Tc1021 1/1/2020 stars Chat Reading

Excellent, she was very tuned in on my situation

MarieSonia 1/1/2020 stars Chat Reading

Wonderful conversatioon with a lovely person. I am waiting for prediction to come to pass. Felt really good talking to her.

Pauline 12/31/2019 stars Chat Reading

Cassandra is always understanding and calming. She reads and explains in a straight-forward and encouraging way. She gave me a few interesting and promising things to look forward to - can't wait to follow-up.

Solarzar 12/24/2019 stars Phone Reading

I really like talking with Cassandra. She has a sweet, kind manner. Her insights are clear and specific. She softly guides and recommends with compassion and understanding. Consulting with her is a treat. I definitely recommend her.

ichellstar6190 12/24/2019 stars Phone Reading


customer(s) found the following review helpful

gerald0415 12/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

I want to start by saying we often expect too much from these advisors, and hold them to an unfair unattainable standard. We control our destiny and our actions and free will can shift the situation in different directions. Having said that, I can say with great certainty that if you are looking for a better understanding of a poi or situation, there is nobody better than Cassandra. I pull tarot cards myself, and my particular poi is very impulsive and experiences huge swings from day to day. This can greatly influence my own cards and other tarot readers to "embellish" a particular swing into a long term prediction that is accurate at the time but not hours from then. This is what makes Cassandra's gift so special. She can see the past influences on the situation, current energy and longer term upcoming energy shifts. As a result she doesn't over react to these "manic" shifts some people can go through daily. There isn't an advisor on this site more helpful to me in understanding my poi's often changing energy. On top of this, she is a truly kind hearted, compassionate, caring woman who truly wants you to be your best self and be happy. I don't like when certain advisors say things like "if you don't stop thinking negatively you're going to lose everything" when we're simply being realistic. Cassandra allows you to express doubts, and be a normal, sometimes insecure, human being complete with normal flaws. She is incredibly patient, and will go above and beyond with energy healing daily for you. I owe Cassandra more than I could ever repay her. Without her I would have more than likely given up on my poi A long time ago. In the interest of showing you I am not simply writing only good things on her behalf, if I had to give a criticism she may not be the best on here at simply providing a timeline to a situation and that's it. But if you're only looking for an exact timeline to me you are missing the point. If it wasn't already obvious from my words do yourself a favor and call her about your poi/situation. You won't be disappointed.