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Psychic Carla x7682

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Featured Review Lizzyj65 10/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

Carla is AMAZING! Her style is unique in that she just ask for your inquiry and tunes in right away, incredibly accurate with great detail. She packs in a lot of information and gets right to the point.I LOVE that she uses no tools. She is the real deal! She is my new go to psychic.

Jdturner 10/15/2019 stars Phone Reading


tercohn 10/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

Awesome. I've never had a reading like this in a while

Jdturner 10/14/2019 stars Phone Reading


Jdturner 10/9/2019 stars Phone Reading


aprilwa 10/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

100% I have been calling for the past couple of years. She is always spot on!!! Must chat with her!

Jdturner 10/7/2019 stars Phone Reading


LifeWalkabout 10/7/2019 stars Phone Reading

What would I do without you, mama??!! Thank you for everything you do for me. You’re my rock. Love you!

aprilwa 10/6/2019 stars Phone Reading

I do not think I can say enough how much Carla has helped level up my life. She is no-nonsense while still remaining non-judgmental. Trust me I know I judge myself sometimes, she helps you see the why and how to make better decisions and live your best possible life!

aprilwa 10/5/2019 stars Phone Reading

I speak to Carla at least once a week and she has not been wrong yet! If you need help figuring the choices you need to make or insight into a person whether a new or old lover, boss, or friend she just goes there and has their thoughts and feelings down pat!