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Featured Review luvleo06 7/18/2021 stars Chat Reading

Cara really picked up on my situation without me having to say alot of what was going on. As I looked back over our chat it all made sense and I know exactly what she was telling me to be accurate and what she was trying to tell me. I find her to be a gifted psychic and very nice person. I'm glad I chose to connect with her. Thank you Cara for the reading I will stay in touch.

Cara replied...

Thank you so much Jessica! You were very open and easy to read. Thank you again for the rating...I look forward to chatting again soon :)

Jdavidson 5/12/2022 stars Chat Reading

Cara picked up things right away. She was honest and straight to the point, didn't waste time. I enjoyed my first reading with her. Thanks so much for the reading Cara.

Cara replied...

You are SO welcome! Thank you and I am glad you were happy. We can look at something else soon! :) I look forward to chatting again

KarmicCross 4/21/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much, as always Cara, for our reading together. Last reading and this one felt superbly on par! I will be back to follow-up further with you when opportunity allows. I had to cut our chat short because of work stuff but staying optimistic there! Talk to you soon my friend!

Cara replied...

I am glad. It is always great seeing you pop up on the chat! I look forward to watching you grow and become more confident and driven in the areas that benefit you :) TY again

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SKV2021 3/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

Cara is such an angel. She’s very genuine and authentic. Honest and straight to the point. I loved my first reading with her. I felt the real connection with her. Will definitely come back to her. I highly recommend her.

troy2022 3/10/2022 stars Chat Reading

Where do I begin!! Cara is amazing, so caring, and so direct. I'm resting better after talking with her tonight. My soul cries out joy after this. Cara helped me to be positive again. Thank u so much. XOXO

RNMOm1990 3/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

Cara is AMAZING!!! So much knowledge and answers questions very fast. Does not waste your time, but will talk as long as you need!! Very impressed!! I will definitely be back to check in with her!!

2167893730 2/28/2022 stars Chat Reading

I enjoy my readings with Cara. I can’t wait to see positive happen. Thank you Cara.

TrueMi 2/24/2022 stars Chat Reading

Really enjoyed my reading with Cara. She honed in immediately & really knew about my poi. Saw what was there & what will be. Talking to her has given me a lot of insight and comfort. I can’t wait for the predictions to come true. It also helped instill hope and strength within me for my future. I will definitely connect with her again.

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KarmicCross 1/14/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much dear Cara for our reading. I can't wait to be able to hold longer readings with you in the near future to dig further in depth into things! That said thanks for always being able to guide me with just the right concise yet supportive answers I always need to forge ahead down the right path. Ttys more!

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Christ2004 1/10/2022 stars Chat Reading

Honestly may be one of my favorites here :) she responds so fast, she’s accurate and honest! Loved my reading with her and highly recommend !!