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Featured Review Danicalifornia 11/1/2019 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful! She knew I was studying psychology without me even telling her anything! Read my POI and situation like a book! She told me I have a healing energy, which made me feel really good about myself. On top of her razor sharp accuracy and intuition, she is the sweetest lady! Talking to her was a joy! Wish I had more funds.

jakester71 11/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Hey, Brodi! Our last reading was very inspirational! I'm working on my old fashioned handwritten letter to Cheryl and I'll be sending it out to her ASAP! Thank you so much for the positive encouragement! :D

diamondwarren11 11/2/2019 stars Phone Reading


Santito 10/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

First time caller and I was impressed with the informtion provided. Looks good for changes by the end of the year. Plan to keep her posted.

Realdeal81 10/19/2019 stars Phone Reading

Have called her 5 billion times with the same scenario and she is always gracious. She told me the truth about a letter being sent to me and even though it was the last thing I wanted to hear, she was so considerate when she told me about it. Always honest and almost always accurate. Love her.

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mintchocolatechip 10/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

She was able to sense that the guy I started seeing had just ended a long term relationship. She been able to pick up on things like that a lot before.

Saturn4433 10/11/2019 stars Phone Reading

Brodi's reading was one of the best psychic readings I've ever had. I found her to be extremely in tune with my situation. Her insight was great. She was very kind and easy to talk to. I ended up adding more time at the end because I was really getting a lot out of what she had to say. Definitely worth it!

AE2902 9/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Always love talking to Brodi. She has good advice paired with what she sees.

Betty1 9/24/2019 stars Phone Reading

So many good insights! All I can say is thank you!!

jedfa06 9/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

I could talk to you for hours! And learn so much. Thanks again dear Brodi xxx