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Psychic Bianca x9493

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Featured Review KayP224 3/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

I never leave feedback. I always feel like it’s a waste of time but I was compelled to leave one for Bianca. She validated so many emotions and she also explained many things to help me to be “ok” with some things that I just haven’t been able to until her explanation. I also felt like she spoke power into my life to succeed. At the very moment she invoked an Angel I felt it in my heart and was touched to tears because I felt sincerity in what she said. I would have to say this was the best reading I’ve had probably ever. Now I feel I can focus on getting my life in order for me instead of worrying about why someone else hurt me. You can only work on being a better you, you are never responsible for another person doing you wrong. I did my part. Thank you sooo much!

Mac1213 3/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

Great energy and very accurate about my past situation. Gave me great advice and homework to help me in the future and to heal. She definitely doesn’t waste any time getting to the point!

FutureLooksBright 3/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

Fast talker, very detailed and described our relationship like she was there. But I don't just want to hear about my relationship...I called to get a future reading....and I didn't get that the whole time we were on the phone.

Ragnar5 3/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

Bianca, my go to girl.

ml3967 3/13/2020 stars Phone Reading

Bianca is a TOP ADVISOR. Bianca predicted I would hear news by Monday. Today is Monday and I received email communication this morning!

3302422600 3/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

Awesome! Brilliant. Smart session! In tuned to the whole call and POI

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ml3967 3/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

I continue to rate Bianca 5 stars because she is not only consistently correct in her predictions but a truly gifted and honest adviser. She told me very specifically my mother would reach out and touch my hand when she visited me. I found it a very specific prediction. Bianca was 100% correct. My Mother (who’s not overly affectionate) reached over the table at lunch and touched and held my hand. I was SHOCKED! Because Bianca had very specifically told me to look for that gesture. Bianca has not failed or disappointed in her predictions honesty and professional consistency. You will not waste your time or money. You will receive the truth with professional courtesy and kindness.

pcates 3/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

I really like how she gets right to the point, doesn't waste time and zooms into the situation with clarity and honesty. Would loved to have talked to her longer, ran out of time. Will call again.

Lisa23 2/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is right hit the nail on everything that I asked pertaining to career give Bianca a try she won’t let you down

ml3967 2/13/2020 stars Phone Reading

My main go to advisor. Has always been correct truthful and compassionate. Understands life.