Psychic Bella Skye x8262

Psychic Bella Skye x8262

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Featured Review Feelah4063 1/11/2020 stars Phone Reading

Bella Bella!! So good and freaking awesome her intuition is spot on and wonderful!! Definitely not a waste of time or money!!

MBunch 2/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Awesome person and wonderful reading!

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LKelly2019 2/5/2020 stars Phone Reading

I thought Bella was excellent. She said things no one else has that no one knew about, e.g. your husband's hands and feet are soar (true ..he is in construction working outside a lot and these are indeed bothering him). She was very accurate re. his personality as well and him getting sick recently. She gave me suggestions and reassurance and I'm waiting things out to see what transpires. Good reading.

Iwwwtyglyg 1/27/2020 stars Phone Reading

Terrific !!! Thank you !!!

Purelove 1/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Once again brilliant reading Bella. I keep coming back to you for confirmation.

Lookupon 1/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thanks millions for my uplift....I needed one

Justagirl13 1/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thanks so much Bella. You are amazing. No fairy tales, no sugar coating. Just love her!

Feelah4063 1/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

This woman is awesome!! Definitely not a waste of time or money she knows what she’s doing!!!

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jedfa06 1/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

OMG Bella, thank you so so much! I am so happy I spoke with you, and found you today . I wish I could have recorded everything as every single word made so much sense, and you said things you couldnt have know. You are briliant. You explained me the whole situation so I will not worry anymore. Thanks a million.

T10131 12/27/2019 stars Phone Reading

She was very accurate and uplifting. Thank you. I really needed a good pick me up!!!