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Featured Review Inquisiti 12/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

Anja, you are truly amazing with the detailed readings you provide. Thank you for your patience and your kindness you show me no matter how many times I contact you in regards to the same issues. No matter how I want to see the glass half empty you always help me see it as half full. You are truly helping me become stronger in believing in myself and to listen to my intuition more. The advice you have given me is priceless. Anja is a wealth of information with her abilities. She has helped me navigate my difficult journey not only learning about my POI but also about myself. There is so much more to life than when will the person contact me as time is fluid. Learning how to navigate the situation to get to the outcome is what its all about. We all have lessons to learn. Anja is accurate and consistent with the information she provides. I truly have enjoyed this journey and look forward to learning so much more about myself. Thank you!

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SeaNSun 12/7/2019 stars Phone Reading

I first need to really say Thank You to Anja. Next MIND BLOWN! I needed to leave this review not for her really but for you all trying to pick an advisor. If your like me I’m not quite sure how all of this works but here is my experience... I read Anjas description how she does chats ( ok) I was nervous I’m a slow and longwinded texter ( clearly) However I get a call back !! She tells me I will be contacted within the week by the 8th... well it’s Sat the 7th!! WTW?!? I kid you not! So I call to get in her line I’m like 15th.. i call customer service they’re like nope she is not getting to you today... well she did! I got a call I needed her too, to talk not to chat she helped me navigate a conversation literally!! She used the other persons words!!! To the T!! I mean I was just trying to get encouragement/support but boy I never thought that would happen to me. Whoa! Prediction happened! Any how Goodluck to everyone out there going thru a situation... Hope this helped! Anja seriously Thank You I really felt you were there and you there!!! Incredible

Daisies 12/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

Very much on point. Very pleasant to speak to. Detailed of how she answered my questions. Anja provided me clear reasons why situations were occurring.

User1212 12/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you, thank you! You made me feel so much better, I appreciate your help so much and will definitely keep you posted! =)

stphill 12/1/2019 stars Phone Reading

Anja is always amazing!! Knows specifics and details. Remembers names and details.

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Inquisiti 12/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Anja is really an amazing empath and deep reader. The details she provides is so amazing and she is so consistent. I love Anja's honesty and how she will tell you what she sees good or bad. Anja is so kind and caring, she will do whatever she can to go deep into a situation to help you get to your outcome and calm your anxieties. No matter how many times I read with her I always learn something new. She has picked up on things there is no way she would have known. I love it when I hit that chat button and I get her. When I have a reading with Anja I feel so much better. Thank you Anja for helping me navigate down this difficult road!

Kcombs 12/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Love you Anja. You are awesome. I am so excited for this upcoming journey. You know my POI like the back of your hand and what is coming toward me. Love you so much. KD

Vikachka 12/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Anja, always so kind and compassionate. I always feel so relieved after talking to you. All your predictions come true for me and i am deeply appreciative for soothing my anxieties. God bless you more and more for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents.

Love2323 11/30/2019 stars Chat Reading

Anja picked up on POI right away and gave lots of detailed insights.

Kcombs 11/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Anja. You are amazing as always. KD