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Psychic Anja x8147

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Featured Review Vikachka 3/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

I deliberately delayed to review this reading till i see the results predicted... well they all did. Everything Anja said will happen did happen. Even things that seemed impossible at that time. She said will happen within 2 weeks... well... they happened within 2 days! Thank you Anja!

IlonaK333 3/24/2020 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Anja! Always so wonderful speaking with you.

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Suj1111 3/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Anja has been my rock through some confusing times. She’s really the only one that has predicted things that have come true for me. She can always portray the thoughts and feelings of the person I’m asking about with ease and explains things in ways that is easy to understand and relate to. I trust her completely and look forward to other predictions coming true. I have no doubt they will. Thank you, Anja!

Teeteebee 3/18/2020 stars Chat Reading

My go to person. Always on point and predictions always come to pass

travel123 3/18/2020 stars Chat Reading


604233 3/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

Amazing! Honest and detailed.

natashaN 3/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

Anja gets a very firm grip on things. I dont know how she does it so quickly and so accurately. She is def able to tune in to the energies involved with a lot of depth. She is definitely gifted.

604233 3/17/2020 stars Chat Reading

Very quick typer, does not waste time! Always accurate and honest on whats she sees.

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Nlonorato 3/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

Unfortunately everything turned out the opposite of what I was being told ...I really can’t understand how advisors can advise you in a certain direction and be so off for months. Nothing planned out in the last 6 months as advised and when I took a little action it backfired. Really disappointed:(

604233 3/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

I have been reading with Anja for years now! She is consistent at giving an amazing reading with details and accuracy!