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Psychic Anja x8147

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Featured Review Truth61 11/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

Consistently the best and most accurate. Thank you so so much Anja!

Jacqui29 11/9/2019 stars Chat Reading

Absolutely wonderful!!! Favorited xox

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Nlonorato 11/8/2019 stars Chat Reading

Anja is an amazing empath! In this reading she was telling me what was going on with a POI and some of the things she said were spot on! I already knew to be true...amazing. I only use 3 advisors on here she’s one of them. Trust me, you cannot trust everyone on this sight unfortunately. Not everything has been 100% but she’s gotten a lot of things spot on. Love her!

Teeteebee 11/6/2019 stars Chat Reading


heaven08 11/6/2019 stars Chat Reading

Anja is a 5 star for sure! Very informative and intuitive! Blessed whenever I get to chat with her!

Vikachka 11/3/2019 stars Chat Reading

Always accurate always consistent and kind. Thank you so much.

Vikachka 11/2/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Anja, you were right again, he did contact me on both days as you said he will. Thank you.

Danicalifornia 11/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Loved her! I didn’t have to say anything other than names - she took off from there! Best to not ask many questions and just let her talk. She picked up on things I can validate to be true. Would love to chat again!

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klh116 11/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

I have been waiting to make a review, cause timing and free will does play a big part in life, and god knows I have had some changes to hit out of the blue, but I want to say Anja, called this one so right, her insights on this POI was totally on target.. not to mention my poi and myself are working to make things right in our relationship, I cannot say enough but thank you.. I have to admit I did not believe that this person and myself would talk again, you were correct with all of your advice and your gifts saying how this person really felt about me, you said he would meet with me and he did.. you said he would back track on what he did and what he said to me, he did just that.. you said he still loved me and he told me he loves me.. and you said all of those things.. .You said he would flirt with me.. and he did just that..We have a long way to go and we decided to take it slow.. but I am very happy he is back in my life.. thank you Anja if it wasn't for talking to you I would have not open the door again... Thank you!

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Inquisiti 10/31/2019 stars Chat Reading

I truly enjoy my readings with Anja. Anja is very thorough and detailed in the information she provides. I began reading with her back in the Spring and things she predicted that would happen this Fall are happening. She pulled out a date that I had no idea had so much importance and it made so much sense. She also has helped me to not let my anxieties take over and provided information about my POI that has helped me understand him so much better. Anja the details you provide are truly appreciated. Anja has also been consistent with her readings with me. You are truly gifted. Thank you!!