Psychic Allegra x8065

Psychic Allegra x8065

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Featured Review 774180 7/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Did an amazing job of picking up on my coworker. Gave me advice of what I needed to do to turn the situation around to create a positive environment for the both of us and I saw instant improvement.

Positive37 9/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

She seemed nice but I do not think the connection was really there. She was thoughtful with certain things but I dont feel we really had a connection

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Nooshjnb1234 9/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

She was not able to connect with my situation

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JJILLLE2679 7/17/2019 stars Phone Reading


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baraness 11/5/2017 stars Phone Reading

Sorry there wasn’t a connection thought I meditated pre-reading.

dani1422 8/20/2017 stars Phone Reading

Sweet and honest! She assured me for what I already knew, provided me with lots of detail.

Serene2016 7/25/2017 stars Phone Reading

All I needed was to be pointed in the right direction and I got it thank you sweety.

Confused2much 7/25/2017 stars Phone Reading

Allegra is great.

774180 7/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Allegra has awesome abilities!! Thank you!!

RENA1780 7/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet and understanding both times. But she said one thing the first time and the 2nd time it was the exact opposite.