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Psychic River x3648 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for sharing your advice. I really appreciate it! Thank you


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Chat Reading

I ran out of funds before I could express my gratitude. Thank you, Sapphire for your reading on my situation. I, at first, wasn't sure where to begin, because I felt kind of silly to be stuck on this situation that has been bothering me for a while, but I was comfortable in opening up more--and glad that I did. Very detailed and was an eye opener. Thank you so much again :) Hopefully, everything will come in place.


Psychic Sparrow x4708 stars Chat Reading

I loved this read! Super exciting! But I must be patient and let things unfold themselves. Looking forward to these foretellings—not sure if they will all come through, but I'll be sure to update if one does become reality. Thank you, Sparrow! I'm feeling so energized now


Psychic Artemis x3598 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Artemis for your read. You’re so kind, even though we spoke on chat, I felt a very warm sense from you. Thank you for clarifying things for. I must refocus!


Psychic Lynne x9982 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Lynne for the general read! I wasn't able to finish what I was going to type because I ran out of funds. But I will definitely come to you for another read in the future. I will be working on myself for the time being - I know that something has been holding me back, and I've been reflecting on that recently. But thank you! This was a very hopeful read :)


Psychic Leila x3309 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Leila. Wasn't able to reply back because funds got cut short. But thank you. I shall move forward as you advise :)


Psychic Alida x8101 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Alida for clarifying the last read we had. Truly appreciate your take and suggestions on how to approach this onward. Since it will be a while before it comes, I have to wait patiently--hope it will be a fun happy one :)


Psychic Empress x4676 stars Chat Reading

Thank you. You were honest, and it resonated. I feel this was what I needed to hear the most regarding my situation. I kept denying that patience was what I need because I'm so frustrated and been feeling so punished in regards to love. So successful in all other aspects of life, except the one thing I really want the most... I'm still unsure if love will ever happen again—because it feels as if the Universe has been super cruel in that aspect of my life, but I'll try to focus on healing more. Hopefully, love will come to me again—and hopefully it will stay.


Psychic Elena x3109 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Elena for sharing your take on my situation. It's provided some clarity with what might be going through my POI head. I'm sorry, the chat ended abruptly. But I hope to do another read with you again in future :)


Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Rachelle for sharing you input. I have some clarity now in regards to my confusing situation. Thank you so much for your help :)