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Psychic Edward x4838

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  • Specialties: Clairsentient, Energy Healing, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Dowsing, Reiki/Healing
  • Reading Style: Wise

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More About Edward

Years of Experience: 16

I have been practicing as an intuitive and a psychic for almost 15 years.  I love what I do, and I love to use my abilities to help people to see/clear their own blocks and empower them to create the lives they want.  I believe very deeply in sovereignty, and that ultimately everyone has the power within themselves to discover and attain the absolute best version of themselves, but sometimes we do need a little assistance in getting there. :)

I feel things very strongly, hear messages and guidance in my mind and can see issues, blocks and traumas in people's fields.  I like to connect directly with a person's higher self and soul, along with Spirit and ask for guidance for their highest good.  This way I have confidence that the information I get is what the person needs to hear, as it is coming directly from the most wise and advanced part of themselves.  

I don't predict the future per se, as in most cases it isn't written in stone.  But I do get hits on what is probable and possible and I use my extensive experience to give people the hints, insight or tools they need to clear, remove and free themselves from blocks, limitations and traumas so that they can align themselves with their absolute best timeline.  Sometimes it isn't definite if a person will end up in a relationship with another person.  It depends on what they do.  I like to ask for what steps someone can take to give them the best possibility for their highest timeline to become reality.

I am good with relationship matching, life path guidance, and am very proficient with energy clearing on the highest levels, as that is what I have spent many many years doing for myself and others.  In a reading, I will ask/dowse for matching percentages as well as percentages of what is in the way of the desired outcome and then offer the guidance I get for the person to follow in order to get to them where they want to go.  

Words of Wisdom

The most important thing we can do in life is improve and develop the relationship we have with ourselves, as everything is an extension of that. The more we realize we are our love itself, and the more we treat ourselves as such, the more our lives fall

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3½ stars

6 reviews since Oct 2021

claudiaduke 2/16/2022 stars Chat Reading

Edward is a very kind and easy to talk to. He tuned up quickly and answered my questions in a detailed way. He also gave me the title of a book that could be helpful to read. He suggested a few other things that for sure I will practice. I truly enjoyed my short chat with him. Next time I will give him a call instead of chatting. Thank you Edward, it was a real pleasure! Many blessings.

Loveja362 1/14/2022 stars Chat Reading

He was nice and made sense.

Tmoon221 1/13/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very detailed responses. Really seems to be in tune to your situation and is very straightforward and honest, yet very kind and compassionate.

dominika25 12/4/2021 stars Chat Reading

Very helpful and very honest. I really resonated with what Edward said. I am sure I will come back for another consultation.

Nacole14 11/13/2021 stars Chat Reading

I like that he gives guidance as well as a reading. Great chat reading

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