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El cambio es inevitable

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  • Especialidad: Médium, Amor, Intuitivo / Empático
  • Instrumentos: Astrología / Horóscopos, Cartomancia, Tarot
  • Estilo de lectura: Considerado

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  • Amor, relaciones y familia - 216
  • Carrera y finanzas - 141
  • Pérdida y duelo - 48
  • Vida, destino y significado - 63

Más sobre John

Años de experiencia: 28

John es un consejero muy espiritual y tiene la capacidad de comunicarse con tus seres queridos que han cruzado al otro lado. Él está feliz de ayudarte en los asuntos relativos al amor, las relaciones y las finanzas. Las consultas con John son extremadamente profundas y significativas, y de vez en cuando se toma el tiempo para "sintonizar" su yo espiritual contigo haciendo preguntas. Pero siempre vale la pena la espera al ver los resultados. El usa la astrología y las cartas para enriquecer su consulta. John ofrece una perspectiva de muchos aspectos de la vida. Deja que su consejo directo y constructivo te ayude a encontrar tu camino. ¡Deja que John te guíe para que puedas convertirte en lo que quieres ser y vivir la vida al máximo!

Palabras sabias

"El cambio es inevitable, el crecimiento es opcional." - James C. Maxwell

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Reseña mostrada Sheila516 4/10/2018 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

John told me my POI would be calling between the day I spoke with him (Wednesday) and the Sunday. He called the next day. I love this John !!! I told him that and he said why I haven't met you lol. He is good. Called him back because POI was talking crazy when he called and John put me at ease. 1st prediction was hit on the head. I will update after the next prediction. THANK YOU JOHN.

teresa 4/7/2018 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

He is and always will be my favorite he is like a close friend. He has a gift.

Mmd107 4/5/2018 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

I’ve been to a lot of psychics in my life before, but, never any as amazing as John. Not only was he 100% accurate, he’s amazingly kind. He knew stuff that NO ONE could have known. At one point he asked me “why are you so quiet?”, why? Because I was speechless. Truly amazed. My heart is 10x more full. My outlook on the situation I’ve asked for guidance on is 160% more positive. John, in a way he saved my life. I was so sad for so long. Two separate readings with him, and I’m smiling/feeling hopeful for the first time in MONTHS. Thank you, John. I’m forever grateful.

Naomi6914 4/5/2018 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Seemed very accurate and friendly will be posting if his predictions come true but so far I believe one of the things he predicted has come to past. He told me I’d meet an older guy and within a month to 3 months and I did that same day. What are the odds.

Anonymous4 4/1/2018 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

John thank you for the great readings. You have been telling me since November, timing is always difficult, that their will be a move in my career. I wasn't to sure about it at that time. Everytime I would call you would tell me without me even asking you about it and said they will be relocating you. I would always think myself really? They have not said anything to me...I found out last month that all this time their was behind the scene talks going on about moving me. You were correct as always! As of this month I have been relocated to a different location. I am so thankful I found an excellent gifted advisor like you. Now just waiting on B..

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