Your First Tarot Reading: What to Expect

Published Date 4/2/2015
Category: Psychic Topics

Go into your first tarot reading with an open mind and positive energy.

It’s not uncommon to feel a little anxious about your first tarot reading. After all, you’re likely to learn things you’re not expecting. However, tarot readings can be very insightful and are definitely worth your time. Take a look at what you can expect when you go in for your first reading.

The Tarot Reader Will Set the Atmosphere

You won’t necessarily walk through strings of beads on a doorway to find a psychic with hoop earrings, but the atmosphere will be different than the norm. For instance, it’s very common for your psychic to light incense, turn down the lights, and perform rituals to get rid of any negative energy in the room. The atmosphere will be relaxing and welcoming. If you're talking to an online psychic, try to mimic the atmosphere for a better reading.

You Won’t Have to Answer Lots of Questions

Before you get a tarot reading, your psychic may ask you your birthday and other distinguishing features, but be wary of any psychic that tries to get too much information from you. Your psychic doesn’t need any information from you to perform a reading. Questions may come up during the reading, but try not to divulge too much information because this can taint your reading and make it less accurate.

Don’t Be Worried About Getting Bad Cards

Despite popular belief, there are no bad cards in a tarot deck. The Death card does not mean that you are going to physically die. It could mean a painful transition, new beginning, or even the birth of a child. Likewise, the Devil card does not always mean the presence of evil. It could mean the end of a relationship, untrustworthy people in your life, or your ego.

Tarot Cards Do Not Have Magical Properties

Lots of people think that tarot cards are scary because they're imbued with magic, but this is not true. Tarot cards are simply cards. They are the vehicle your psychic uses to focus and tap into your energy and subconscious. Tarot cards are similar to a crystal ball or any other object psychics use for divination, so don’t be afraid of the cards! They can be interpreted in many different ways.

Your Reading Will Not Be 100 Percent Accurate

It’s impossible for a psychic to give you a 100 percent perfect tarot reading because there are so many things that can skew the reading of the cards. For instance, if your mind is wandering, it can affect your reading. Therefore, try to stay focused and avoid asking free will questions, like, "Will I lose weight?" Let the psychic pick up on your energy and lead the reading. That’s when you’ll get the most accurate reading. If you’re unsatisfied with the things you learn, you can get another reading to ask for clarification.

You never know what to expect for sure from a tarot reading, but it’s important to go into it with an open mind. The tarot reader needs to get energy from you to give an accurate reading, so relax and go with the flow.


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