Why Everyone Should Have a Pendulum and the Benefits That Come With It

Published Date 9/18/2019
Category: Psychic Topics

Gain clarity and insight with the use of a pendulum.

Gain clarity and insight with the use of a pendulum.

What is a pendulum and what benefits come with using one? Discover why everyone should have a pendulum with this informative guide.

What Is a Pendulum?

Pendulums are tools used for spiritual healing and inner growth. They're an object, such as a piece of wood or stone, suspended from a length of string or a necklace chain. When held in a stationary position, the pendulum will swing — either back and forth or in a circular motion.

What Do You Do With It?

Use your pendulum in conjunction with your tarot card reader to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides, such as angels and loved ones that have passed on. Pendulums pick up on your body's vibrations and may help balance the mind and deepen the spirit.

These objects can help relieve symptoms of pain, both emotional and physical, and promote healing. With the process of "dowsing," you can use a pendulum to seek out invisible energies, connect to higher beings, and locate blocks in your energy.

How to Use a Pendulum

The most common use for a pendulum is divination. Use it as a form of reflection by asking a question. First, clean your pendulum under running cold tap water or by soaking it in sea salt. Then, mentally set free its stored energies.

Pendulums swing in vertical and horizontal straight lines and in circular movements. Assign each direction a response by first asking the pendulum to show you how each answer looks. For example, "What does a yes look like?" This question will result in a specific affirmative action. Now, pose your question to the pendulum with clear resolve and good intentions. You want to receive truthful answers.

What Are Good and Bad Questions?

Ask questions that are answerable with either a positive or negative response. For example, "Will I be offered the job I interviewed for this morning?" A poor example is, "Will my wife deliver a boy or girl?" That's a question that's best left to an online psychic reading. Be prepared to ask several questions to receive enough information to compile a thorough answer.

What Are the Best Materials for a Pendulum?

Fashion your pendulum from a diverse selection of items like crystals, wooden tokens, glass, and metal beads. Some of the most energetically powerful pendulums are handmade. You want to enhance a spirit's ability to transmit their messages to you, so it must move smoothly and be capable of storing energy.

Wood is a popular choice within the healing community for a pendulum, strung on a length of thread. It's the preferred option for receiving the greatest clarity. Semiprecious gemstone, crystals, and metal tend to absorb energy, influencing or block incoming information.

Everyone can benefit from the use of a pendulum. Why not try it out and discover why you definitely want a pendulum in your life?

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