What is Visualization?

Published Date 6/10/2012
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Visualization is a powerful tool!

What is visualization?  You often hear someone refer to visualizing when talking about achieving a goal.  “I just visualize it.”  But what is visualization?

Visualization is the mental mind movie that you play in your mind.  It’s a focused daydream.  Visualization is a very powerful tool in creating.  Utilize a vision board to assist you in creating what you want.  Have you ever had the experience of seeing something in a magazine, store flyer or on your vision board such as a sweater and you started to picture yourself wearing it?

How would you feel wearing it?  Where would you go?  Who would you see?  What about the comments about your new sweater?  Well, you get the idea…this is visualization!  This is your mental movie.  Yes, it is powerful to use visualization in goal settings.  You can create through picturing yourself already in possession of your goal.  Visualization is not a “have to” activity.  The object of the visualization will come to you quicker when it is not forced.  Anytime it feels forced, you will not be in a place of creative energy.  In other words, the visualization will not work.

Visualization works in the quiet space of the day.  Just like anything, the more consistent you are with your visualization, the greater the results.  With visualization you can dream as big as you want and you can always change your “visualization movie.”  Also, it is very powerful to create your visualization movie that includes friends and family within it.  Remember this is a mind movie, a focused daydream that is moving also, it’s not a still picture. 

Picture the movement, the words, or actions of someone else would say to you and how you would respond!  While creating your own visualization movie it contains your own unique watermark and spirit essence, your energy.  Remember on the Earth’s plane, you create what you want here.  YOU have a creative license, to create as you really want.  The next question is…..do you really know what you want?  As humans we create our own reality. 
Enjoy creating!

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