Tori Spelling's Psychic Advice for Everyone from Skeptics to Die-Hard Believers

Published Date 5/18/2016
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How does Tori Spelling prepare for a psychic reading?

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A lot of people don’t “believe in psychics.” It’s a simple fact. But the degree of disbelief (or belief) varies. Some think it’s absolutely impossible for a human to make valid predictions about the future. Others don’t find it plausible that someone has the ability to communicate with those on the other side. This skepticism is part of the reason Tori Spelling is so adamant about sharing her passion for psychics. She’s been amazed, astounded, and taken aback by psychic readings, while other times she admittedly found herself disappointed. You’re not going to get a mind-blowing reading every single time.

Now that we’ve all come to learn just how serious the star is about her psychic guidance, we wanted to dig a little deeper to figure out what those less-experienced in the psychic world could learn from her. We uncovered what Ms. Spelling looks for when choosing a psychic, how she prepares for readings, how she discerns whether a connection exists, and what advice she has for those who are simply unsure if psychic advice is right for them.

Here’s what she told us:

Jessica Campbell (JC): If you had to take a wild guess, how many readings do you think you’ve had in your life so far?

Tori Spelling (TS):
Haha! Way too many to even keep track of. I had one summer where I really felt like I was at a crossroads in my 20's and anytime someone recommended a psychic I would go see them. Not to mention the random street locations with the flashing “psychic” signs in pink lights in the windows. They all got my business. 

JC: As an expert on psychic readings, what do you look for when choosing a psychic? Do you have a specific process you go through when trying out new psychics? 

It depends on what I'm looking to gain guidance on at the moment. If it's a general reading I get very paranoid about them mentioning my father too quickly. Just because I feel like if they know who I am then it's an easy avenue to go down. If they bring that up too quickly in the beginning of a reading I usually start to put up my guard and zone out. I look for ones to help me tap into that confidence I need to make my own conclusions and decisions and not depend on what others are telling me I should do.

JC: What do you do to prepare for readings (physically, mentally, or both)? 

Before readings I make sure I'm in a quiet space mentally and physically (and with 4 kids, that's never easy!). I like to clear my head and take some deep breaths. I also like to review in my head what I'm looking to get out of the reading.

JC: Do you take notes during readings or just listen? 

I used to take notes. But then I never really connected with the psychic because I was too busy with the written word. Now I mainly listen and connect. Once in a while I write down key things from the reading to reflect back on. 

JC: How do you discern whether or not a strong connection exists? How do you know if/when the information resonates with you? 

I can usually tell in the first five minutes whether a strong connection exists. It's either there or it's not. And then I usually go back months, even a year, later to reflect on how the reading ended up playing out and how it affected me. 

JC: Do you share your readings with friends and family? How do those close to you feel about your relationship with psychics?

I do share readings with friends. My friends are all very much like me. We all love a good psychic, so we’re always telling each other about great readings we've had. I know readings aren't for everyone but everyone around me loves psychic guidance just as much as I do!  

JC: Is there any advice you’d like to share for those who are unsure about psychics? What would you say to a skeptic? 

I would say, “What are you waiting for?!” People spend so long in life being scared of the unknown. What's the worst that could happen; that they don't read you correctly? No harm, no foul. But if it's a dead-on amazing reading it can completely change your life! 

JC: What’s your best piece of advice for someone getting their very first reading? 

Be open! Don't go in with high expectations. Expect nothing and if you are open to it you might be pleasantly surprised by the amazing connection you can make with a psychic. 

You read what Tori said—what are you waiting for?! Start out small, try a few psychics, keep an open mind, and get ready for the adventure and connection of a lifetime!

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