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Published Date 6/18/2013
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Looking for a lost object? 

We’ve all had the experience of losing an object that is dear to us. Three years ago my family and I traveled to Jamaica for a vacation. I left my engagement ring at home in a safe and just wore the wedding band. Unfortunately, my wedding band was a little loose fitting because I had recently lost some weight for the trip. When I got on the plane, I looked down and realized the ring was no longer on my finger. It must’ve slipped off in the restroom, while lifting luggage or at some other point. I immediately knew it wasn’t going to be found—it was gone forever. I had a vision of the ring in a strange woman's purse and it was very clear it was gone. I was so sad. 

So I do understand how it feels to lose a precious piece of jewelry, or objects like keys or items that have been passed down from loved ones. I know how frustrating it is and I want to help you find your lost object.

Here are some tips:

1. Every object has motion, energy and life. 
Many objects are actually communities for microorganisms that possess life energy. You have a spiritual connection to all objects that are dear to you with energy of love and memory. 

2. Sleep on it.
You’ve heard people say that when you lose on object you should sleep on it. You’ll wake up and remember where you left it. This is very true, because when we get overwhelmed with the frustration and fear that we won't recover our object it actually blocks your positive connection to the object. 

3. Don’t Panic.
As soon as you realize that you’ve lost an object, try to move out of the panic state of mind and control your thoughts. Slow down your breathing and meditate for five or 10 minutes to clear your mind. It is likely that this will help you see where the object is located. If you have difficulty with this exercise, sleep on it and calm down. Then you’ll realize where it is. 

I am a gifted remote viewer, so I am able to connect to your environment. It’s like I’m looking down on your area like you do when you look at Google Earth. It is not quite as detailed, but that’s a good example. I pick up textures, colors and shapes of items that are related to the object. Recently I was connecting with a blue velvet jewelry pouch for a woman who lost some rings. It turns out that she keeps all of her jewelry in several blue velvet pouches. I can usually give you enough information to lead you to where the object should be. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s clear that the object is gone and you will not recover it (like my wedding band).

I always feel that if the object is not to be recovered, then it must be needed more by someone else. Maybe the lady who has my ring gave it to her son, who maybe can't afford a ring for his girl. He takes the ring, proposes to his girl and she’s thrilled. I just have to believe that the life in that ring will live forever. I’ve since gotten a ring that I really like now. 

Good luck finding your objects and give me a call if you can't so that I can help you!
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