The Ten of Pentacles Reversed and Unrequited Love: The Beginning of a Great Adventure

Published Date 7/1/2012
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Moving past the end of a relationship that you did not want to end is one of the most intractable circumstances that many of us have to face.

Moving past the end of a relationship that you did not want to end is one of the most intractable circumstances that many of us have to face. This is a process where there is no set time limit for recovery; it can take days, weeks, months, and for a few people, it can even take years to get past the hurt.  Not only is it possible to move on, it truly is possible that you will flourish, grow and find that true, great love that is waiting for you. By taking the time to investigate, spiritually and emotionally, why this experience was put on your path, you will heal: You will find love again.

Without question, unrequited love is hard. It is a powerful awakening of your spirit, a journey that demands your attention and presence, which in turn will lead you to your true self, and to true love. It is asking you to let go of the past for a better adventure. The healing potential of a situation like this is limitless. What often goes undetected is that there is a reason why you feel the way you do about the person whom you cannot let go.

One card I often pull when working with clients facing this experience is the 10 of Pentacles reversed. When this card is upright, it signifies tradition, wealth, a family dynasty, a strong relationship based on solid values of family and money. When this card appears reversed, and particularly we are talking about love, it suggests the person asking about love will find love when they go forward on the correct path.  It is the loss of the self, the loss of what makes you happy. More often than not, the person receiving this card often associates this happiness and the person they desire—this is the grand illusion of love. What they have lost is not the person they desire but something that fills you up on a spiritual level, often enough the person experiencing unrequited love lost this in another lifetime.  With unrequited love, the 10 of Pentacles reversed suggests that the person asking lost something of themselves that they must find again because when they do find it, they will find love again. In a reading, I am asked to dig deeper to unlock that mystery.

The 10 of Pentacles reversed signifies the need to live thoroughly for your own benefit. In time and space, this is a moment where you are growing because you want to grow for yourself. It is the state of being of inner happiness, and it is the exact moment when that special person arrives because you are at that place where you can truly receive it. When you find this place, you will find that true love with another person.

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