The First Step: Listening to your voice.

Published Date 6/25/2012
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Jealousy in the work place is a common problem.

When I first discovered I had abilities, I didn't quite believe it at first. Not that the abilities were there, I knew that absolutely, but more so that the abilities weren't something that everybody else couldn't just automatically do. For me, it felt normal.  After all, people speak of woman's intuition, or acting “on a hunch” that something will work out! It took a while to understand that what was “normal” for me was indeed, what most others would classify as “psychic,” namely, “empathic,” “intuitive.”

I believe I was partially correct.  What I do is something that we all have, in varying degrees, the capability to do.  A lot of us dismiss guidance as “imagination”. It's easy not to recognize these times for what they actually are. Once I allowed myself to look at my sensitivity to the world around me as messages rather than daydreaming, a lot of the things I didn't pay attention to before began to make more than perfect sense.  

It's because of this that I believe the first step towards opening yourself to your psychic potential is looking to your own natural guidance as your first step towards expressing your intuitiveness.

Meditations can help. The more you can relax the easier it is to pay attention to what is around you spiritually.  Ask the universe to surround you with a white light of positive energy and protection.  Close your eyes, and ask that only good can come to you. Breathe deeply in and out paying attention to what it feels like to breathe, what the air feels like around you.  Imagine the light of protection growing from around you to fill the room. Think about what it feels like to be present in the room what the air in the room feels like, what the room itself... feels like... and note whatever thoughts or feelings come to you. Then think of a question to ask the universe. With this same warm safe feeling of protection, ask with love. Then see if an answer comes. It might be brought to you as a thought, as a picture in your mind, as feeling or sound, but when you experience it, don't dismiss it. Pay attention to whatever comes to you during this time. Then let go of how the room feels around you, think about the warm light surrounding you, about your breathing going to normal, and open your eyes.

As you go through your day, try to do the exercise without relaxing into the meditation. Still think of the light surrounding you but only mildly relax.  Pay attention to what your breath feels like, the air, the room, what it's like to be present in the moment of where ever you are. Make note of what you feel around you. What pictures or sounds go through your mind, what thoughts come and go? Keep a journal of these things.

May you find lots of love and light on your heart's journey.

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