The Best Psychic Reading I've Ever Had by Tori Spelling

Published Date 9/27/2016
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"Thank you Seraphina for this magical journey! You awakened my mind and heart."

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I've had a lot of psychic readings in my life. Obviously, this why I'm a great fit for Psychic Source. However, I can go on record as saying my recent psychic reading with Seraphina was by far the most inspiring, intuitive, and eye opening reading of my life. 

When I first got on the phone with Seraphina x9023 I wasn't sure what to expect. All I knew was that this would be a slightly different type of reading than I’ve had in the past. Seraphina is what some might call a “channeler.” Once she taps into your spirit guides and angels she just starts talking, conveying to you whatever the message they might have at that moment. In fact, you have to actually interrupt her if you have a question, otherwise she just continues speaking with her soft, peaceful, and nurturing voice and energy and eye opening revelations, so I didn’t really mind. In fact, during my reading I wrote down in my notebook 40 pages of notes. No joke! 

Family Comes First
Seraphina started very general. She told me I had a good healing energy, but that I need to learn to shield myself from others negative energies, which is very true. And, to always go with my gut instinct. Amen!  She then started talking about my children. Seraphina said that Liam is very sensitive but needs to anchor. He's affected by others energies and needs to learn to handle his feelings, very true. Then she saw my youngest, Finn. She said he's the most like me, especially with his feelings, and that he has angelic energy. Again, all true! 

Next she talked about Stella. She said she's an old soul which I believe! She recommended that I fill her room with malachite (my favorite stone). During my reading, Seraphina brought up several stones that applied to different areas in our lives and that would help energy and healing. She said Stella needs to eat more green (which is beyond true!) She also saw that writing would be a big part of Stella's adult journey and that she would write books and scripts that would inspire many. Go Stella! 

Then last, but certainly not least, she read my Hattie. She called her a "Firecracker". How did she know? And then said that Hattie was a FAIRY. Obviously she didn't mean in the literal sense but as soon as she said it I knew exactly what she meant. Hattie is our free spirit, she's so full of life and wonderment. And, in the literal sense, she's obsessed with Fairies. I guess what 4 1/2-year-old isn't? Seraphina said that she saw a huge purpose for Hattie in this lifetime and that she would bring about great teachings and change connected to the environment and animals. That's two of Hattie's favorite things! Also, Hattie will be a healer because fairies are drawn to healthy things and are often vegetarians. Funny enough Hattie LOVES vegetables and green herbs! She will eat the plain parsley garnish right off your protein main course at a restaurant. 

Home is Where the Heart Is
We then moved on to our home. Our homes are such an extension of ourselves and need to be energetically sound and happy. Some of the highlights of our discussion about our home include:

I need to connect with nature to keep me centered and to fill our current home green leafy plants. (Interesting that she would say that because all of my homes, I've always had plants. Ever since my first apartment and my first plant Oscar. But, for some reason this house we have rented for almost a year, has never had any plants in it.)

When feeling unfocused, it's best to wear or place a shade of yellow around your home. I had forgotten that canary yellow had once been my power color! 

Place wind chimes outside our front door. It will calm everyone in the home.

Always be careful where mirrors are placed. They are energy channelers. Never have a mirror facing your bed, it will give you restless sleep. She then said “they” (as she calls the guides) knew I had a mirror across from my bed (which is true), but if it’s too heavy to move, I can just cover it at night.  She said this before I had a chance to validate that the mirror that is in our bedroom that's facing our bed is gigantic and too hard to move. They knew exact details, it was unbelievable!  

Lastly, to add red and pink in our home for love. 

Take note… most of the above observations can be used by all, but she was definitely right about what I specifically need!

Let’s Get Healthy
We then moved on to discuss health. Seraphina said that our family was getting healthier and she saw that the kids just started making homemade smoothies at home, the "green ones". This is incredible! No joke, ten minutes before I started my reading, Stella had come into my bedroom and brought me a "green smoothie" that she and Hattie had just made. I was drinking it when she told me about my kids making smoothies. The kids had just started making them days before the reading. Wow! 

Next, she said I need to get out into the sun a little everyday (with sunscreen of course!). Also that my body is so sensitive to chemicals so all household products we use in our home must be natural and organic including the makeup I use as well.  She said using natural products would help decrease a lot of the allergies she sees that we have in our family. So true, we all have severe allergies. 

She said to always open windows and let fresh air in and that occasionally everyone should sage their home to clear out energies that people might have brought in, to set intention for your home, and to create and maintain a peaceful and loving energy at home.

Seraphina then told me to carry rose quartz in my pocket or purse. That was interesting to me as the first crystal I ever owned was a rose quartz. My brother gave it to me and I swear it balanced so much energy in my life. It was like an adult "blankie" to me for many formative and learning years in my 20's. She also said it's pivotal for people to put clear quartz into the main corners of your home to keep negative energy out. 

My Career - No Horsing Around
We then discussed my career. She was very specific with arenas, themes, dates, and, even names. But, I want to keep that to myself and see how it plays out. All I will mention is a director with the name "Martin" in his name will be pivotal in a game changing role in my career.  She then talked "horses". Apparently they are my spirit animal. Not Coco Chanel? Ok... that's fine. Just kidding! But anything with horses on it would be good luck for me. 

Seraphina said that next year is MY YEAR. MY MOMENT. MY SUCCESS. I need to show my talent and OWN my power and to let it come in because I earned it and I deserve it. 

Feeling Grateful
I've always felt grateful for everything that came to me or that I created myself in my life but somehow I never quite felt like I deserved it. Maybe it was just an insecurity. A Reiki friend of mine once told me that I was scared to have it ALL. Was she right? But what is having it ALL? It's so subjective. But I realized after this reading that we can all have it ALL. Our ALL, in our OWN lives. We create what we want. "Manifest" isn't a made up word. We can obtain our goals and go as far as we ALLOW ourselves in this life. We CHOOSE. I know, I'm using a lot of caps but that's just me being passionate! 

Seraphina opened my eyes in many ways. But most of all she got me to realize I HAVE THE POWER! No one can predict your life if you aren't willing to manifest the change. They can simply clue you into what can be your reality. They raise awareness and then we are all in charge of our own fulfillment. 

Thank you Seraphina for this magical journey! You awakened my mind and heart. Now, it's up to me to create it. 

-- Tori xoxo

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RedOrange: I had a reading with Seraphina and she was great I keep my notes from her close by..

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